Monday, October 22, 2012

Living Room Color Schemes and an Epiphany

Let's first refresh our memories on the colors I have to work with for my living/office/dining/relaxation space.

Here they are:

I am determined to repaint the (textured, bleh) accent wall in the living room. Did I mention the longest wall in the whole space is also textured and painted in a white glaze? Can't do anything about that, but I will address this red wall no matter what it takes.

Here's one color palette that doesn't make me want to gouge my eyes out.


Let's try again.

Am I trying too hard to incorporate colors I like versus colors that work?

What "works" with burnt orange and grey? I am kind of at a loss. According to google, burnt orange goes well with gold (agreed), chocolate brown (sorry, but I am simply not a fan), and maybe a light blue or grass green (no). I do like light blue.

Sigh. None of this makes me happy. I want this room to be happy! I think my first task is tackling the hideous red wall. So, paint color. This room is pretty dark, and according to the internet, bright mid-tone paint colors are best for dark rooms. I want this place to pop and make me smile in the morning. Strangely, I think a lighter orange might do the trick (never what I would have thought). It would have to be the perfect shade, otherwise I will probably hate it. Let me think of some other options. Back to the palettes....

OR MAYBE CORAL!!! That would make me truly happy. With a wall hanging that pulls in greys and blues? Maybe!?!?!?? Hmmmm.... But before I'm considered crazy, I think the burnt orange and coral will actually look good together in person. Mainly because these chairs are kind of versatile and the color is hard to pin-point. I think the coral might make them more attractive.

Here is a palette that I think I actually like!!!!!!!!!!

Paint the wall coral, and put some large art or hanging or gallery wall to tone down the pink, then accent with blues and purply/pinky/jewel colors à la Morocco. And the burnt orange will just have to go along with it.

And then I get to use these :)

Back in my happy place. Plus deeper purples and blues also.

Yay, I'm feeling positive. I also want to go to the market and look for some textiles that incorporate these colors for cushions, pillows, and reupholstering the dining room seat cushions! Yay, yay, yay:)

Time to drool over coral walls....


Coral and grey and white. Yes.

This is truly beautiful.

Coral and grey accents. I'm convinced.
Apparently coral walls, and coral and grey specifically, are so much a thing I could just post pictures all night. I will stop now. Let me just say, I am finally EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING IN THIS HOUSE!!! This is a huge victory. :)

Let me also say, why this wasn't a more obvious choice is unclear because I have literally been known for my love of coral since high school. My prom dress was coral, and the majority of my shirts are coral. I guess I just thought it was too feminine a color to paint a living room wall, but my boyfriend just expressed approval so maybe I'm crazy! (I also listed coral as the first color I'm drawn to in my last post... this decision was literally staring me in the face.)

Yup. Coral prom dress.
Coral & Grey... get ready for updates.

Ciao, ciao

PS. Let's hope we can find coral paint in Dakar. Fingers crossed!
PPS. I know its strange I love coral and I hate orange, but its the truth.

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