Friday, January 25, 2013

AfricaStyle: African Textiles + Pillows = ?

Lets be real. A lot of the time I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing/thinking when it comes to "design." I have no expertise, no experience beyond scouring the internet for pictures of enviable interiors, my travel adventures, and seeing different styles play out in my family's homes. I've yet to really invest in designing a home or apartment of my own (completely)... most of my ideas are still in my head and now on this blog. I know what I am drawn to, there are colors that SCREAM to me, textiles and art that I have to have. I feel the urge to nest, to settle, and most of all... to DECORATE!

But sometimes I really can't tell if an idea or vision has merit, or if it totally sucks and I just can't see it. Alright, I know if I like it I should just own it and not care what others might think, but...... well, this doubt can be crippling when I am trying to make decisions and move projects and ideas forward. I lose steam and things fall to the wayside because I just can't decide if I like something, or if its actually good taste. Or worse, I don't take many design risks because I wonder what others will think, second guessing my preferences. The same goes for fashion, which I'm ok with, but decor is my passion and I DO care about taking risks and making an impact.

So, what think ye of these pattern combinations... for real? I've been collecting African fabrics I think will look work well someday, and I like them a lot (especially individually)... but the doubts are starting to rear their head. 

I showed swatches of fabric to my mom and a friend and received mixed reactions. My mom doesn't like number 1, she thinks the neutral color clashes with the other fabrics (???). My friend (with extremely good taste) thinks number 3 is too out there, but loves number 6.

I LOVED #3 because it was so different and a lot more "African" than the others, in my book. and I thought of #1 as a safe option I was also really drawn to. Boo.

UGH!!!!! The doubts!!!! Why do I care?!? My friend has a bunch of African fabric pillows and I don't love them all. Textiles are super subjective. And I still love her interior decor and think she has amazing taste. To each their own. But once the doubts creep in, its quite difficult for me to ignore them...

I do feel pretty confident about this trio.... Those two fabrics (left and right) spoke to me when I saw this bedding, and I think they will work in real life! Or rather, I KNOW they will work in real life! I haven't decided if I will actually buy the pillow in the middle... but I do like how it ties the blue, pink, and red together. I think a pillow with similar but deeper colors would also work well.

My gut feeling (I think...?) on the couch is that I need to use a more selective eye. Maybe there is too much pattern going on and I could stand to narrow down the selection. I can always use the other fabrics in other parts of the living room (for a pouf, for chair cushions, a table cloth.... etc).

Although I just eyed the picture again and I'm liking it right now. Hum....

Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaase, tell me what you think!!!! (/Rescue me from my doubts!!!!)


  1. I like number 2 and 6...did you bought it in senegal???? Also tell you that woodin, second label of vlisco is made in Ghana, not at the Netherlands

    1. Hi, again! I bought 2 and 6 in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire while traveling for work (as well as 1 and 7). And I bought 3, 4, and 5 in the airport in Lomé, Togo! I've heard great things about the fabric options in Togo... do you find a lot of nice fabrics in the market there?

      Based on my experience, I think Abidjan has the greatest selection of fabrics. In Senegal its very hard to find Vlisco/Woodin, etc. Thanks for the note on Woodin... it can be really difficult to keep track of where these textiles are actually made! I love the Woodin is made locally, even if it is part of the Vlisco brand.

      Thanks for commenting :)


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