Friday, January 18, 2013

Bedroom Dreams to Pass the Hours...

Hola, people!

I am back. (Just in case anyone missed me ;) I am also back in Senegal, and this past week has been spent catching up on work and life. I guess I feel too guilty to blog when I have a million things to bring up to speed... even if I find other ways to procrastinate. Anywho, I'm here and I have design on my mind. I still don't have my own place to live, and I still haven't embraced the villa. And yet, my favorite daydreams involve plans for decorating my space, wherever it might be. I've been collecting art/items/prints, filing away furniture ideas, hoarding textiles, and creating a mental design board for whenever I can actually design my own space. Well, it is time to get some of these ideas on "paper" (or blog post) and let these ideas out of my mind and onto the screen!

My favorite rooms to conjure are the bedroom and combined living room/dining room. Let's start with a peek at my bedroom ideas...

My Imagined Bedroom
Full of light, airy, clutter-free, with bright touches throughout

Clockwise from top left corner: Aqua peacock chair; tribal dream catcher; woven chairs like thesePeacock headboardtribal pillow; my African textiles; Society6 "Salt Water Cure" print; West Elm embroidered bedding.
I like the idea of white bedding, but this West Elm set takes it up a notch. Given my love of all things Moroccan and blue/teal, I think the embroidery makes it a tad more interesting and will probably jive with all my accessory pieces/pillow ideas. The duvet cover is $119 (on sale until Jan 28) from West Elm. I am this close to ordering it...

I don't own the dream catcher ($18) or the pillow ($40), but I love these accessories made from Thai textiles. They add pops of color, touches of whimsy. I am contemplating some Etsy purchases...

The print is peaceful, inspiring, and blends well. Love the quote, "The cure for anything is salt water, sweat, tears, or the sea." Here is a (kind of) better view:

In terms of furniture, I picture a simple wooden bed frame painted white or left au natural (the peacock headboard is still in dream territory...). Eventually I might also attempt a DIY headboard (Moroccan wedding blanket?!), but lets not get too ambitious yet. And because most Senegalese apartments don't have built in storage or closets, a large wicker armoire to store my clothes (or wood, depending on price). And maybe a bamboo chair for even more POP. But would a peacock chair like this one be too grand for the bedroom?! Smaller woven chairs could be a good alternative.

Some other ideas include a Malian batik throw for the bed (tie-died look, in teals/reds/coral, of course), accent pillows from my collection of textiles, a few (hanging?) plants, and an interesting mirror. And maybe some African artifacts strewn about ;)

Coming up are my living/dining room ideas. For the next blog post!

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