Friday, January 25, 2013

DIY "Salt Water Cure" Print

Heyyyyyya friendicles.

Last week I was daydreaming about my future bedroom and I included a print from Society6 on my "Inspiration Board" (aka Picasa collage because I'm not fancy enough for Photoshop). My bedding/room/future apartment have a beach-y feel, I live 5 minutes from the ocean, and who doesn't love an inspirational quote? Voila:

I finally found the full-size image!
But then I thought to myself, I have taken so many memorable photos of stunning ocean vistas, and I really want to display photos from my travels... so why don't I make my own "print" based on this find? More affordable and more personal. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right??

Confession: I've been rereading this quote for weeks, and its only now that I noticed it was a PERIOD after water, not a comma... and that changed the whole meaning of the quote for me. I hadn't thought of "sweat, tears, or the sea" as different types of salt water! Wow, I am a doofus.

Anyways, for now, this is the remake I have come up with:

I am ashamed to admit how long it took me to get Picasa to save this picture exactly how I wanted (and may have involved me taking a screenshot).
Well, its obviously not exactly the same (nor should it be!) and it isn't quite so artsy, but I love that my version features a picture of an absolutely gorgeous vista from a hike I took in Santo Antao, Cape Verde in spring 2012. I played with the colors a little bit and stayed close to the original font. In the end, I might leave the photo unedited to show more details... we shall see what I decide when it is time to print.

And for kicks, here are two other favorite photographs from that trip, both pictures I would like to print and frame eventually...

This picture is from the same hike as shown in the poster. We walked alongside the cliffs, alongside the ocean, discovering tiny hillside villages. Twas gorgeous.
This photo is from a day-long hike through a stunning valley on Santo Antão. The mountains were staggering and the air brisk.
Cape Verde was unforgettable (and I hope to go back)! I will have to do a blogpost about that trip some day....

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