Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolutions, or Reflections

There are a lot of things on my mind as the new year begins -- ways I can improve in all aspects of my life. I've never been one to set strict resolutions (maybe I should?), but I definitely make a point to reflect on my life quite regularly and consider how I can be happier and/or more fulfilled. I don't always act on these reflections, however. It's one thing to be self-aware, another to actually make changes. So to simplify things this year, I wanted to come up with some concrete things I can do to address my shortcomings and enrich my daily life. Sometimes the big picture feels too daunting to tackle--maybe this approach will be more effective.

Fall 2010. My goal for 2013: Make more time for reading on the beach at sunset.
Resolutions for 2013
  1. Find some sort of physical activity that I truly enjoy and can incorporate into my daily (weekly) life that doesn't feel like some god-awful chore or form of torture. Strive to be more active in general.
  2. Establish a clearer division between my work and personal life. This is tough because I work from home and I have a very hard time letting go of the feeling that I could always be doing more, more, more. Its been really difficult for me to relax, guilt-free the past 5 months and it has absolutely taken a toll on my personal life and general happiness. I should also probably stop talking about work all the time when I'm not at work. My poor family, friends, and boyfriend.
  3. Better time management. My guilt/stress is often based on things out of my control, but it would definitely be less intense if I managed my time better and insisted on "leaving work" at 6pm every day. Which would be easier to do if I felt like I had managed my time better during work hours. I'm hard on myself, but this is definitely an area I can improve in.
  4. Work on increasing my energy levels -- through diet, exercise, sleep schedule, and general motivation! Basically, stop burning out and feeling lazy a lot the time. (Definitely related to the other 3 resolutions.)
And make more time for seeing live music in Dakar. Here I was upfront at an Awadi concert.

There are many other things that come to mind: be a better friend/daughter/granddaughter/sister/girlfriend, be more caring and attentive, do more socially, give back, etc.... but really, I think if I cut down on my stress and establish a clearer division between my work and personal life, those other things will be easier for me to focus on again and make time for. I also want to write in this blog more regularly and make progress on home projects, finding an apartment, and decorating -- but all within a productive time management scheme (ie. this shouldn't be used to procrastinate, but definitely when I have real free time!).

So there you have it! 2012 was a great year but included some major changes that are still requiring adjustment, and those are my main goals for 2013 :) Wish me luck!

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