Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Guest Room: African Safari Kitschy Mishmash

So now that I've shared my ideas for the living/dining room and my bedroom, which rooms does that leave us with? The kitchen, bathroom(s), and presumed guest room, not to mention any outdoor space. To start, kitchens in Senegal are generally crap... small rooms with fluorescent lighting and little to no counter space, such as this fine specimen in my last apartment:

The "kitchen" (dysfunctional and hazardous nook) in all its glory before some deep cleaning
The sink clogged daily, we weren't able to remove those prongs (and Laura got poked near the eye one morning), the cord remained flung across the floor, the sink flooded multiple times.................. Suffice it to say, I'm not fantasizing about the kitchen. We'll just see what the next apartment offers us when the time comes. And again, we will have to purchase a fridge and stove (and maybe splurge for a microwave).

As for the communal and presumably small bathroom, I kind of want to jump on the trend bandwagon and paint it glossy deep blue, like this:

Via Apartment Therapy. I had a dream last night I searched high and low and couldn't find this paint.
And finaaaaaaaaally, the guest room. Here's what I'm thinking: African Safari Kitschy Mishmash. I have collected some nice knickknacks over the years, and I've also gathered some things that fall more strictly in the contrived-tourist-crap category (and some in between). Since I don't necessarily want those pieces on display in the living/dining room, they would actually make for a cohesive guest room "Africa theme." I'm not sure I would go for this (or any) theme normally, but I live in Senegal after all, so why on earth not?!

(1) African fabric monkey; (2) Traditional Bamenda (Cameroon) clothing; (3) Senegalese djemb√© drum; (4) a photo I took of Magal; (5) recycled trays; (6) sand paintings; (7) map of Senegal; (8) creepy pipe from Cameroon; (9) Senegalese baskets; and (10) my once-beloved Bayefall bedspread. 
Green, orange, yellow, and red feature prominently in these items (probably because of the Senegalese flag)... I don't really go for this color scheme normally, so perfect for the guest room :) I have an African fabric quilt bedspread (a Bayefall blanket, named after the religious men who wear similar quilted clothing). When I bought it four years ago, I L-O-V-E-D it; I brought it to college and it was such a treasured reminder of my time spent in Senegal. Well, the charm has worn off and I'm ready for some more sophisticated bedding. Among other things, I also have a Senegalese drum, a sand painting of a Senegalese religious leader, recycled mirror and tray, a weird stuffed monkey, and traditional clothing from Cameroon that would look great on the wall. Throw in some baskets, a couple maps of Senegal, another prayer mat, some prints from my travels in Africa, and a plant to bring the safari vibe.... and there you have my Afri-fabulous vision!

Pourquoi pas?!?

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  1. It is virtuoso and fits in flawlessly with my "African Safari Kitschy Mishmash" visitor room subject. Likewise, I need to put every one of my grower in African wicker bin now. I'm likewise a devotee of the Moroccan looking table and the hanging material. Love, love, love.


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