Monday, January 7, 2013

Thoughts on Blogging

I love reading blogs, and I think I read a lot, though I actually have no idea how many blogs people read who are actually IN the blogosphere. Anyways, I'm not bragging about how many blogs I read, obviously. Its just to say, I read a lot about the "community" people find through blogging and I follow comments and I won't deny it--I want a real blog, a blog that people follow and comment on. I want to be a part of the community!

I wonder sometimes what type of people are drawn to blogging and reading blogs, and how I fit into this community. Not many of my real life friends read blogs--if any. Maybe its because they don't procrastinate like I do, or they would rather read the news. What I do know is that it makes complete sense to me that I am drawn to blogs. I've been blogging since high school (livejournal [the shame], travel blog, and finally blogger)... I have always enjoyed writing about my life (self-centered, much... only child syndrome?), and I have always been a literary voyeur. The blogs I enjoy the most are those written by people living lives vastly different from my own, with blogs that offer a fascinating window into ways of life I've only ever wondered about.

I certainly enjoy blogs I can relate to as well, but either way, I always prefer blogs that show the writer's true personality, written without fear of exposure, over-sharing, or disrupting an arbitrary  standard of virtual political correctness. Authenticity, honesty, the good, the bad, the ugly, the flawed, and the inspiring. When bloggers stress about hinting at political opinion, religious affiliation, whatever it may be... I don't get it! I read your blog because I want to know who you are, and what shapes the views, tastes, and ideas you share with viewers. Some of my favorite blogs are written by the very devout (I am not religious), or conservatives (I am quite liberal and not afraid to mention it!), or single dads, or Southerners, or stay at home moms, or workaholics, etc, etc, etc. People I differ from... and yet I'm drawn to their online journals because they are authentic, interesting, and likable.

That's just me.

Anyways, I actually set out writing this entry because I find my biggest challenge with blogging--other than my fear of truly promoting my blog to get a real following because maybe people will find me silly or my thoughts uninteresting!--is post length. I cannot for the life of me write a short blog entry. This makes me insecure; am I obsessed with the sound of my own voice? If I want people to read this blog, I should be striving to produce more readable entries.... but I always get carried away and then I have trouble editing back.

Personally, I don't mind reading long entries. In fact, I enjoy them because I look to blogs for an escape from my every day life and a daily connection to my culture (as I am an American living in Africa, after all!). I relish finding a new blog to love and sift through the archives, content with days of reading, similar to the joy of discovering a TV shows with multiple seasons to catch up on. I now have a list of blogs I read on a daily basis, but I actually look for length and substance. I wonder where most people fall on this subject... do most people read blogs as a quick morning routine? Are they looking for little tid bits to gobble up rather than real reading material? What do most people look for in a blog -- practical/fun/interesting factoids, or a more personal look at the writer's life? I'm curious!

But, if anyone is reading this, its doubtful they've gotten this far anyways.

And the problem continues...

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