Friday, February 8, 2013

AfricaStyle: The Bamileke Juju Hat from Cameroon

So, apparently these feathered Juju hats from Cameroon are all the rage in the design world. Like, truly all the rage, since.... 2010. Obviously I've been living under a rock (or actually in Africa, haha). I like them...

Via... $650
In purple.. $650.
Folded up... $650.
Two! $650
...... And since I could actually get one FROM Cameroon, I'm convinced. I want one, or even two if they can really be folded up so easily! I have never seen these in Cameroon, but I now have a mission on my hands. I am curious to know how much they would actually cost in country, after some cheeky negotiating.... after all, they are considered a sign of wealth.

PS. Here is a Juju hat actually on someone's head. What a novelty!
Check out this other blog post on juju hats, with more pictures of the real thing!

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