Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Canopies, Travel Woes, and an African Outfit

Whelp, work has literally consumed my life lately... and unfortunately it shows no sign of slowing down in the near future. My lovely mother is coming to visit me next week.... very exciting! :) But unfortunately her trip to Dakar is sandwiched between my big-big-boss being in town, happening as we speak (ie. loads of high pressure meetings and an upset stomach), and then I am off on another grand three week trip all over West Africa, the day after she leaves.

Can't. Wait.

Not really. First of all, this three week trip means I won't be with C. on our two-year anniversary. Sad. Face :( :( :( And its just generally lonely traveling by myself to countries where I don't know anyone and can't easily make friends or explore on my own for safety reasons. Plus, lets be honest, I've never been the type to strike out on my own in a big city and start up conversations with strangers. I do love cities, traveling, and exploring... but with a companion(s). Even in my own city, I very, very rarely go out and do things by myself. That last time I did was to........... Um, I can't remember. In my defense, I would run errands alone in the US all the time but here shopping often involves such a hassle, I prefer to bring along a friend or a trusty boyfriend for protection and companionship. Its kind of a problem; I basically stay at home hibernating if I can't find someone to come along with me for adventures and errands alike.

Also, I'm just sick of traveling. But, the upside is I'll be able to do some mask/fabric/juju hat hunting. And I'm going back to Burkina Faso for the first time in 6 months, so I'll have a chance to really check out the local crafts for sale. If I remember correctly, BF has some stunning bronze and leather work. The leather stuff is mostly Tuareg style (for sale all over West Africa), but it looked high quality, probably because there is a higher concentration of real-life Tuareg people in this region. PS. I just looked on Wikipedia, and BF has the 3rd highest Tuareg population after Niger and Mali. Interessante. Anyways, the bronze figurines for sale here in Dakar from Burkina are hella expensive, so we'll see how I can do bargaining in-country. Pictures to come after the trip!

I should really start an African art business considering how easy it would be for me to bring stuff back to Dakar every time I travel. Not even joking...

To finish off this vent-y post on a higher note (sorry, I'm stressed from work and this is what comes out when I'm grumpy), a new bedroom idea! I had pinned this picture awhile back, but it popped back up on my Pinterest homepage recently, and then the wheels started turning...

First of all, this entire post is swoon-worthy. Second of all, I need to go to India.
This canopy project looks seriously doable, and now I can't get it out of my head. Matching curtain rods, two chains, some gorgeous fabric, and a local tailor to help pull it together since I do not sew. I was reviewing my bedroom ideas and I was starting to think my vision might be too barren/simple/frugal looking. I do want a light and airy feel, and I am on a budget, but a little character wouldn't hurt--especially as my new bedding is pretty neutral.

Here's the bed scheme again:

From this post about pillllooooowwwssss
I envision using a flimsy, airy Malian batik fabric for this canopy, with a larger pattern (not too complex), in either blue or red/coral, or some combination of both. A gorgeous fabric that I'll be happy to look at every day.

This may be bordering on awk-sauce, but here is a picture of me dressed in an outfit made of of said flimsy fabric. I originally bought this textile to make curtains for my room, but then decided the pattern was way too busy and made an outfit instead. You see how its has a different vibe from my other African fabrics...

That's me on the right. Oh, to be skinny again. Come on, New Years resolutions! Except my bangs are strangely pouffy in this pic.
In other news, I'm procrastinating so I should go now. Whoops. Promise I will be more upbeat in the future, especially as I document all the fun things I do with my mom in Senegal (and add some Travel Guides to the collection!).

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