Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Tid Bits :) .... Belated

My mom left Dakar last night, and I'm just now catching up on stuff... and I leave tomorrow at 5am for three weeks. I'm not too excited, but I'm confident (and determined) that my state of mind will shift once I dive into the travel and check some things off my to do list. Right now I am just completely overwhelmed with everything that stretches before me, and everything I'm leaving here in Dakar that also needs my attention. This stress thing is honestly really hard for me to manage!

Sigh. I am a broken record.

To look on the bright side, I'm off to Cameroon first so the search for one of these Juju hats can commence!

But anyways, I put this post together when my mom first got here (last Sunday) and then didn't publish it because I wanted to add pictures. I have some other ideas for follow-up posts on her visit, and intend to write them in my downtime while traveling.

And now smattering of happiness from my mom's visit....

1) My mom arrived safe and sound in Dakar!

2) She brought my much anticipated West Elm bedding (will post a picture in a separate post)....

3) And they sent me the order TWICE and only charged me ONCE. So I now have two duvet covers and four shams... hallelujiah! (I will definitely be paying this forward in the near future :)

4) She also brought me Chipotle from the airport, a huge block of my favorite cheese, and a bunch of other lovely goodies. Thanks, Mom!

5) She is here to listen to me vent, like all good mothers do. Her moral support is absolutely invaluable.

6) We spent the afternoon at the beach today and it was both invigorating and peaceful. I need to remember to seek out the beach more often.

Fresh fish, the ocean, and a cold drink. Bliss. 

7) C. won his softball games and is going to the semi-finals tomorrow :)

8) No school tomorrow for school-y people, so people to partay with tonight!

9) A week of vacayyyyyyyy (..... kindof)

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