Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nothing Designy for Today...

So much for keeping up to a super regular schedule with these posts, although I do have quite a stock in the drafts folder... just not ready to post yet. My mom arrives very early tomorrow morning and I cannot wait! Before she gets here, my goal is to compartmentalize my work stuff from my family/personal/happy life so we can have a great week free of stress and pressure, and some productive work time for me at night. Life lately kind of reminds me of that scene from American Beauty where heads start exploding at the dinner table. I tried to find a clip from Youtube or a picture from google images.... but the search results were too gruesome to sort through!

Maybe this is more apt,

The problem is that I am obviously far from perfect (I don't like to speak up unless I feel 200% confident about something... and how often is that?, I sometimes retreat [procrastinate] when overwhelmed...) but I'm painfully self-aware. And when I don't feel great about the state of things, it pretty much eats my alive.

Two articles that are inspiring me right now (and interestingly, they are from the same two blogs I referred to in a similar past post :) ...

1) "Don’t tell me you’re busy,"
Let's abolish the word busy. When you ask someone, “How have you been?” and they say, “Busy,” it doesn't mean anything. I’m sick of it. We all have the same 24 hours to fill. Everyone's are filled with something. 
The difference is that the “busy” people feel frenetic during those hours. Those of you who walk around telling everyone how busy you are, get a grip. Make some tough choices and calm down. There’s a big difference between a busy day and a full day. The former is so frantic that you aren’t effective.
Don't tell me you can't help it. You can... Recognize that a frenetic life is a life half lived.
2) "Please Don't Waste This Moment,"
I know it can be difficult (or downright impossible) to be in a situation that doesn’t feel great. One that doesn’t allow us to reach our full potential or tap into our talents. 
But that is not an invitation for us to retract and give less than our best. To ignore what we can give and can share with others.
In the long term we all have the ability to create the lives we want. The short term is where motivation can often be most challenging when faced with difficult circumstances. 
Being in a less-than-ideal situation for the next week, month, or year makes it tempting to simply retract and purposefully hold back our most sincere efforts.

But the truth is: withholding our talents, energy, and love does us the most harm.
Though the people around us are sure to be affected by our lack of effort, we feel the most pain.
...Because deep down we know we are capable of great things. Even in difficult circumstances.  
We know we can rise above the present challenge and produce better results or serve more truly. 
As we consciously avoid putting forth our full effort we lose our joy and peace...
So here is to giving my best and feeling at peace knowing I have and will rise above and strive to put forth my "most sincere efforts." Here is to not focusing on the mistakes of the past but what I can do now to better my situation. The rest is out of my control!

Here is to finding my happy place.
Enough vagueness and mushy stuff... I'm off!

P.S. Don't worry, Mom, your visit is exactly what I need right now!!! :)

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