Monday, February 25, 2013

Out and About in Dakar: Color Inspiration

So, my mom visited me in Dakar last week. It was so much fun for me to be in Dakar as a tourist again! We went to the beach, we lounged by hotel pools, we wound through local markets, haggled for fabric and taxi rides, ate delicious food, and lots more. All the while, I snapped pictures I don't normally take the time to capture in my day to day life. Here are a few snapshots that had my mind spinning with color schemes for my living space. I used the Chip It! by Sherwin-Williams tool to make color palettes for each image... I love this handy little widget!

This beaded necklace at Ambre certainly fits in with my favorite color scheme: blue/teal and coral... though I find orange hard to capture in pictures.

Colonial architecture at the French Cultural Center...
there is that peach/coral with blue/teal again!

My mom snatched up this woven beach bag and I am still jealous!!! I LOVE this color pallet... and hope to find a similar bag to snatch up myself ;)

These were two Mauritanian fabrics I was debating between to compliment my new bedding, and maybe use for a  canopy. (I previously said I wanted Malian fabric but it was actually Mauritanian.) I'll tell you which one I picked in a future entry ;)

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