Thursday, March 28, 2013

Life Lately, Home in Senegal

Hey peeps. I thought I'd say hi with some current happenings... take a little break from the scheduled programming, so to speak.

I'm still kicking it in Senegal, and I'll be here a whole three weeks before its off on another work trip, this time to Uganda and potentially Egypt ohmygoodnesssssss. Unfortunately the Egypt part of the trip isn't confirmed because of political instability, so we'll just have to wait and see. I am excited to add two new countries to my list of travels! And to compare and contrast Uganda/East Africa with the West Africa cultural terrain with which I'm much more familiar.

This Egyptian fabric on display in Maryam Montague's Moroccan 
guesthouse looks quite promising for my potential trip to Egypt
 in a few weeks. Would love to snatch up some local textiles ;)

The past two weeks have been kind of quiet, just falling back into my routine and dealing with some rather stressful work stuff on the homefront. I think I've made some progress in managing my stress, in that I don't want to gouge my eyes and rip out every strand of hair due to work anxiety. I'm just accepting that shit can be hard, people can be complicated and terrible at communicating, and I can only do my best. I can't control anyone besides myself and as long as I feel good about my own actions, I have nothing to feel guilty or stressed out about. Easier said than done, but I am trying.


I was really with the times
these past three years, no??
I'm very, very slowly starting to promote my blog. To be honest, it puts me totally ill at ease—the fear of failure and judgement, putting myself out there for the world to see, questioning whether anyone will find anything I have to say interesting. Also, I admit that as a result of living abroad for the past three years I am a tad out of touch with some social media (read: twitter). I mean, I literally just got my first touch screen phone THIS WEEK, let alone an iPhone. (Before moving abroad my most cutting edge cell phone was a blue Razr. That's right.)

Anyways, I'm not looking to build a large following or become super involved with the blog world... my only wish is for some sort of audience, no matter the size! I love to write, I love to share some of my unique experiences living in West Africa, I love to explore the intersection between Africa, design, and culture, and I love to connect with others. So I'm slowly tucking away my reservations and putting myself and this blog out there, in hopes that a few friendly folks will hop on board. We shall see :)

Another exciting piece of news is that I signed up for this online course in interior styling, led by Justina Blakeney, one of my favorite design bloggers! The class starts on Monday and for two weeks we'll be learning the tricks of the trade when it comes to styling on the cheap and taking high quality interior photographs. I'm really looking forward to learning a lot, making some much needed improvements in my living space, and sharing and collaborating with over 300 other participants (and some more promotion perhaps?? *cringe*). Plus I really need to devote more time to my hobbies in an effort to achieve the much sought after work-life balance ;) I have so many interesting and beautiful knick knack that are still stored away nine months after moving. I need a push to get the decorating ball rolling!

I am so inspired by this three dimensional gallery wall peppered
with ethnic artifacts. I can think of a few things I could include in a similar display
(a bag, basket, ceramic plate, photograhs). I'm excited just thinking about it!

C. and I might go away for a night or two this weekend, but its not confirmed with work things up in the air, as usual. I would love to escape the city for two days and lounge on the beach with a delicious drink in hand. Also, our two year anniversary passed by while I was last traveling, so we have some celebrating to make up!

Well, that's officially all I have to update, friendsicles. Until next time...

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