Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weather, A Most Interesting Topic

Alright, I've started several posts and haven't actually published any in a few days. Its not for a lack of material, but really not being sure where to start or how to organize my thoughts! I'm determined to finish this one, even if its just a few random tidbits.

I'm in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, flew out here Sunday night. Yesterday was our first day of work and it was hot. as. hell. One of the posts I started yesterday went on a weather rant for several wordy paragraphs... I will try to consolidate those thoughts as weather isn't the most scintillating topic ;)

Let me just say, when it comes to being in West Africa in March--what I always thought of as a mild month in Senegal, and a thawing month on the East coast--here, I am out of luck. Take a look at this map:

No idea what that black square is for! wunderground.com
The map shifted from yesterday, when Burkina Faso was literally the hottest place in all of Africa... and where I will be next week! Its still in that super duper hot segment in the middle stretching across Central and West Africa. I will be watching this map closely and trying to mentally prepare for 108 degrees weather that awaits me. I have never experienced that kind of heat before!

As for right now, I am looking on the bright side. Yesterday it was over 100 degrees here in Abidjan, with 92% humidity. I was tired, cranky, sweaty, and depleted. But, thanks to the weather Gods, it finally, FINALLY rained... all afternoon and all today. Its still in the 80s but what sweet relief! I like to think Mother Nature had me in mind when she decided it was time for the heat to break and pour down on us. And I only had to suffer one day!

Sweet, glorious rain!
And a view of the slightly strange hotel courtyard... I'll get into this hotel in another post!
Not to mention, I really love the rain. Not every day, but a good rainfall helps me sleep deeply at night, comforts my cozy bones, and reminds me of home. I am now relishing the weather here in Côte d'Ivoire, and I won't take it for granted when I look ahead to the sauna that awaits me in BF :(

Moving on from the weather. The week in Cameroon last week concluded nicely. I have some exciting design/decor tidbits to update you on, but for the sake of organization (and length) I'll save that update for a different post. Work-wise, things are moving along as they should although I am definitely losing steam a week into the trip. We worked all weekend so I'll chalk it up to that. 

Two more weeks to go... Sorry, this post is boring (I mean, its about weather.) but I'm clicking publish because I said I would and the "interesting" things I have to say will come another time!

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