Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An Imaginary World Tour

I'll be honest, inspiration has been hard to come by these past couple of weeks. Per usual, work on the homefront has presented me with several opportunities for growth in stress management. Put differently, the business environment in Senegal is hellish. We are at a pivotal crossroads with various negotiations and it is taking every ounce of inner strength to maintain my sanity.

Trust me, if I could share some anecdotes on business antics here in Senegal, I would. 
There's a reason Senegal is ranked 154 out of 183 on the World Bank ease of doing business survey. 
But hey, its all fodder for the memoir ;)

And of course the happenings in my beloved hometown make my heart hurt. Its shocking and nearly impossible to process from a distance. I'm thankful my family is safe, and in awe of the kindness and community spurring from such tragic events. I'm so proud to call Boston home.

As a respite from reality, I've been imagining a few virtual vacations... letting my mind wander to calm and far away places.

First stop, Uganda... East African Natural Getaway

I'm actually going to Uganda (Kampala, to be exact) on Saturday.... for work. I won't be alone and I have a feeling the week will be high-stress with little opportunity to enjoy discovering a new country. So let me imagine the Uganda trip I wish I was taking ;)

1. I would be more than happy to peace out by Lake Bunyonyi

2. Up close and personal with gorillas in Bwindi, Uganda [this is a real dream]

3. A lovely resort in Bwindi

4. Sunset over Lake Bunyonyi

1. White water rafting in Hutchinson Falls

2. City streets and local produce in Kampala, the capital

3. Love me some local woven baskets ;)

All links can be found here.

Read more about Uganda on Lonely Planet

My next stop on this imagined world tour will be Brazil, to visit one of my best friends living there for the next nine months. Stay tuned! ;)

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