Sunday, May 5, 2013

Amourette d'une blogger (?!)

Oof, if I don't post in the next 30 minutes I will fail on blogging every day in May! Must persevere!

Let's just say I'm new to the interactive blogging world. I've blogged for awhile, and love reading other blogs, but I've never been one to comment. I've either felt intimidated, or shy, or self conscious about my blog (or lack thereof)... whatever, I made excuses. So you could classify me as blog lurker more than anything.

Now I'm treating this Blog Every Day in May challenge as my chance to come out of the blogger's closet... no more being shy! Since we have an opportunity later in the challenge to list some of our favorite blogs, I'll take this chance to talk about a blog I love written by someone I think I'd click with in real life as well ;)

Let me profess a blog crush that has constituted my one-sided stalking/lurking for months! Nope, not weird at all ;)

Megan at Across the Pond, I <3 your blog!

When I first discovered Megan's blog, I went back in the archives and read every post. Yup, all of them. From the beginning. It took a few days but it was totally worth it :) And I was sad when I was up to date!

Megan's smart, witty, stylish, and hilarious. She has made the most of some difficult experiences and circumstances. We're both expats, and without knowing the details, I can relate to overcoming heartbreak abroad... and finding new love.

I absolutely love her posts on Stephen's accent/misunderstandings/silly quotes. In fact I was just thinking today how some of C.'s superstitious habits could make for similar blog fodder. She inspires!

Soooometimes lifestyle blogging can tread ever so slightly towards self absorption (I've definitely been guilty). Then again, that's part of the appeal! But Megan walks this line so admirably. I'm also constantly inspired by her brevity... ugh, if only I could make my points in fewer words, with equal laughs!

All in all, I think Megan has the innate ability to document her life while not taking it too seriously, providing laughs, tender moments, cute clothes, new t.v. shows, and hilarious family videos. Also she's gorgeous. Megan's posts often leave me chuckling awkwardly in front of my computer screen, reflecting on life as an expat, and generally rooting for her success and happiness.

There you have it! My blog crush!

P.S. Megan, if you've ever wondered who's reading your blog in Senegal, West Africa... now you know ;)  

This post was written as part of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge (2013).


  1. Hahaha, Meg's blog is excellent, especially for us expats!

    I found your blog through the expat diaries, so hello, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your archives.

  2. Kim! This was THE sweetest post! Seeing it just made me ENTIRE day. seriously. This totally lifted my spirits and made me smile so big. Thank you so much for reading my blog, it is readers like you that keep me blogging. for real. xxxxx

    1. This comment made MY DAY. You pretty much just made my blogger dreams come true haha... thanks so much for taking the time to stop by, and its a pleasure to finally really "meet" you ;) I truly love your blog and find it a real inspiration!
      xx Kim

  3. Megan's one of my favourite bloggers too!


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