Sunday, May 19, 2013

I Heart Blogland

Five of my favorite blogs and why I enjoy them... ready, set, go! Of course narrowing down my choices was no easy task ;)

First a little Sunday recap. Today was spent catching up on some much needed rest and quality time with C. We also watched First Position, which had me in tears and I totally recommend. I slept horribly last night (/did I even sleep?) and had stress dreams about work in anticipation of the arrival of yet another consultant. I headed to the airport early this morning and gobbled down an egg sandwich in a shack next to the parking lot as I waited. The attendant escorted us to the wooden bench, flies buzzing about, with a gallant "Welcome to the Airport restaurant!" :)

I have completely lost my appetite these past two weeks due to my anxiety; I guess the only positive side effect is that I've lost a few unwanted pounds! My life will be my own again in 10 glorious days.

This picture is from over two years ago! Flashback to carefree times. Sigh.

Anyways, blogs, blogs, blogs.

1) The first would obviously have to be Megan at Across the Pond, as I gushed in my blog crush post as part of this challenge. Love her and love her blog!

2) Now, I will admit that despite not being ready for children myself, I do have a thing for "mommy" blogs. But I also have a HUGE thing for intelligent, quirky, and opinionated blogs. And for those reasons I love Girls Gone Child, written by Rebecca Woolf. I started reading through her archives, got hooked, read her book, and now follow her daily. Also, we both wrote for Chicken Soup for the Soul back in the day ;)

3) I haven't been so focused on design in my May posts, but originally I envisioned this blog as a place purely devoted to Africa-inspired design. Then I realized I can't help but write about my life too. And other stuff. All to say, I LOVE design and decor blogs. A few favorites: Amber Interior Design (my favorite interior designer everrr), The Little Green Notebook, Peppermint Bliss, and Justina Blakeney, among others. This is where I need a favorite blogs tab to go on...

4) Then I've got a few blogs I read purely for the quality of the writing and the humanity so apparent in their narratives. A favorite in this category (especially her archives) is Irretrievably Broken, a writer and scholar who chronicles her divorce anonymously with exquisite and often heart-wrenching prose.

5) And finally the category of self-help/career advice. I've quoted both of them before, and really enjoy thought-provoking blog posts from Jess Lively and Penelope Trunk. These women could not be more different in their approaches and opinions to career advice. And Penelope Trunk can be quite inflammatory... not sure I agree with her on several points. But I'm consistently inspired by both Jess and Penelope and especially love the articles on personality types by Penelope (start here), and the entries I linked to from Jess in this post.

Yup, so that's 9 blogs I read... out of over 100.

Obviously I heart blogs :)

I could really go on, but my bed needs to be cherished before Week Three of Crush Kim's Soul commences on Monday morning :D

This post was written as part of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge (2013).

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