Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Miss.

Tonight, and most nights, I miss my family, first and foremost. 

In honor of Mother's Day.

I miss waking up in my childhood home, to the presence of my mom in a rocking chair at the foot of my bed, talking to me as if I'm awake and ignoring my pleas to let me sleep just a little bit longer! I miss her french toast and bacon (oh, how I miss bacon). I miss being able to call her from DC (for free and with no time limit!) after a day at work with my crush to rehash each and every word exchanged between coworkers, and what those words might truly signify. 

I miss being called upstairs to tuck in my brother, the sound of a small kiss blown my way across the dark room as I linger at the door.

I miss tiptoeing into the kitchen to make myself a stealthy snack of bread and my dad's precious French cheese, only to be caught in the act, mid-scrumptious-bite. I miss preparing my dad his own snack to share in cheese conspiracy.

I miss pillow fights and bedtime stories with the twins. I miss careless afternoons splashing in the pool with the boys, reminded of my own childhood and the hours spent in a nautical world of mermaid romance and explorers chasing lost treasure.

I miss my grandfather's dedication to protecting my innocence as a budding teenager spending her summers with French youth in village parking lots and night swimming in friends' pools. He was always quite punctual (if not conveniently early) in retrieving me from said excursions. (Really, he had nothing to worry about. My shyness was protection enough.)

I miss people dear to me, moments, and feelings. I miss my childhoodthose transitional times that felt unending and ethereal in the moment. 

I miss conjuring a vivid family memory from yesterday, last week, last month. 

At this transitory stage in my life, my memories to draw from may be fewer and far between, but ever so meaningful and deeply engraved in my history.

This post was written as part of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge (2013).

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  1. Hey Kim, what a beautifully thoughtful post! Your mama must be proud! Well done!


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