Saturday, May 4, 2013

Là où on s'aime....

Today's prompt is to share a favorite quote. 

Quotes, quotes, quotes. 

In the past, I've found refuge in quotes, spent hours on goodreads (a great source) searching for words of wisdom to bring me guidance or respite through difficult times, underlined pages in books that truly spoke to me. 

I've been on a bit of an unintentional "quote hiatus" lately, so this prompt is a great reminder of how moving and influential words can be.

Since above all this blog is about my life in West Africa, let me share an African proverb I love.

Sunrise at a Muslim pilgrimage here in Senegal.
The full story of that amazing and arduous experience here.

In English, this translates (not so eloquently) to, "Where you love yourself, night never falls." I think the French version has a nicer ring to it ;)

For me, this is one of the hardest life lessons I am still learning and attempting to practice every day. In theory, I think we all know it to be trueyou hold the key to your own happiness, you are the master of your universe, and with a positive attitude it is possible to find peace in any situation. Just like another person cannot be the foundation of your happiness—only you can.

But in practice, circumstances can be crushing and finding that self-love to lean on isn't always a simple task. Night sometimes descends and it can be difficult to see how you (and only you) can rise above the situation. 

I often deal with this challenge with regards to my job, navigating feelings of inadequacy and wanting to give up, especially when weathering negativity and pressure from sources outside of my control. In response to this negativity, I find myself retreating to the same destructive patterns... procrastination, denial, unnecessary and unproductive stress.

This simple proverb, first presented to me on a card from my mom, serves as a welcome reminder to rise above and find fulfillment from WITHIN, first and foremost. 

Self-love, self-love, self-love!

(Easier said than done, but worth all the effort.)

P.S. A blog I really enjoy for inspirational work advice is Here are a couple highly recommended and helpful posts for rising above and achieving your potential: Don't Trip Before the Start Line and Please Don't Waste This Moment.
P.P.S. Another quote I am drawn too ;)

This post was written as part of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge (2013).


  1. I just found your blog through the Blog Every Day in May Challenge.

    I think the French sounds better, too! But this quote is great and I relate to your struggles with self-love. I'm trying, but it is a daily practice and can be hard sometimes.

    Oh, and I love Jess Lively's blog too! :)

    1. Thanks for saying hi! :) I love to see that we have living and working abroad in common, in Francophone countries! I enjoyed perusing your blog and I look forward to following along with your adventures :) And yea, self-love can be a bitch, haha, but if we don't love ourselves first and foremost, who will?!


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