Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Logo Fun.... A CALL FOR HELP!

I'm a day late... sorry friends. Today (yesterday) is all about pictures, and how convenient because 6 (six?) Bougies needs your help! We are in the midst of a blog redesign, making an Etsy shop, and other exciting tid bits :) We would loooove your input on potential headers/logos. 
(I put a few notes/disclaimers under the image.)

Six or 6????
Circle or oval???
Teal, white, or both???
Script or print???

Please leave your votes and opinions in the comments!!!

A few notes....
  1. #3 isn't actually a final design, just testing out the potential for a banner/label to make it easier to read. Thoughts?
  2. The colors can be tweaked on everything (you might notice the background image doesn't look exactly the same in all the logos).
  3. The blue on bougies in #5 (one of my personal favs) should be darker, so use your imagination for that one.
  4. Please excuse my rudimentary graphic design abilities (re: the collage, not the headers! Those are allll Megan :). I use Picasa as Photoshop, haha.
Thanks for the input... we're excited!

~ Kim and Megan ~

This post was written as part of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge (2013).


  1. Number 1! Love the idea Kim! Can't wait to see your stuff!

    1. LAURA!!! So happy you took the time stop by and comment. Really appreciate it! And thanks for the vote. Can't wait to catch up on life and hear more about your side of Africa. Miss you!!!! xoxox

  2. I think I like number 2, but ... I would switch the order of the colors for the words, blue, then white and I would make 6 as a number not word. I would also try to drop the 6 and lettering a little so that they don't overshadow the beautiful design - the pink petally thing. Is that suppose to be a candle? I like it either way. The colors are very fun!

  3. I also love #5 (thinking that before I read your notes). I think it would make sense to take the oval for the banner and a circle for the button...


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