Wednesday, May 8, 2013

On Seeking a Fascinating Life

Some people are naturally drawn to adventure, to thrill seeking, to constantly pushing the edge of their comfort zone. 

Despite the unconventional nature of my life these days, I'm not actually one of those people. It takes very intentional decision-making (and pushing through overbearing fear and worry) for me to surround and place myself in situations that will force me to grow, evolve, and further discover the world. 

I felt nauseous for months (and lost at least 10 pounds) after I made the decision to move to Africa post graduation. And trust me when I say I can easily fall victim to the cocoon of the couch and Netflix... even in Africa.

But, confronted with and in the midst of opportunities for growth, I thrive. And I know this about myself. Overcoming the initial hurdle of getting there... that's a different story. 

This quote is advice for me, and maybe for you too... a reminder to get off the couch and seek out the fascinating life!


P.S. I feel like I've written a novel this past week of the blog every day in May challenge. Work has been and will continue to be crazy (again, fodder for the memoir!) and my inspiration is sometimes dry... but I am determined to see this challenge through ;)

This post was written as part of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge (2013).


  1. Fantastic advice and wonderful pictures! I've been guilty of spending too much time on the couch watching Netflix recently too. Time to get out there and do something!


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