Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Unveiling 6 Bougies and the DWG Spring Bazaar

Saturday was a great day! My good friend and fellow expat Megan and I are working on a project that involves 6 Bougies as a brand for home goods, jewelry, and other creations inspired by and incorporating African fabrics purchased in Senegal and along my travels through West Africa. Megan has an extensive background in art and art education and has already done a lot of the legwork on her own.

Hi Megan! Hi 6 Bougies!

The details of our joint project are very much still in the works, and we have a lot of ideas being formed and figured out. But we're both very excited at the prospects and sharing the progress little by little on this blog and other forms of social media :)

We spent the day promoting the blog, selling Megan's creations, perusing the work of other artists and designers in Dakar, and soaking in the sunshine on the grounds of the Dutch Ambassador's residence in Senegal for the Dakar Women's Group Spring Bazaar.

Ta da! Pillow cases on the left, tote bags hanging from the tree, and some gorgeous handmade jewelry by Megan! Most of the pillow fabric comes from my travels to Ivory Coast.

She also happens to have baller style ;)

It was really interesting getting some initial feedback on "6 Bougies" as a brand. For example, some French speakers were actually expecting that we sell candles (bougies means candle or spark plug in French). Hey, maybe we need to add a signature candle to our product line?!

Others were familiar with the Vlisco brand that inspired the name, and some people had never heard of Vlisco or knew little about the stories behind many African fabrics, like the original Six Bougies pattern. But almost everyone who stopped by was interested and intrigued by the name... so we think that's good?!

Tassels from Morocco. I call dibs on the earrings on the left!

We're curious, what comes to your mind when you hear or see 6 Bougies as a brand name? And if you happened to be at the Spring Bazaar, please say hi!

We also have a fair amount of pillow cases, bags, and necklaces still for sale... please email me (kim6bougies@gmail.com) if you are interested! Megan is returning to the U.S. in a few weeks and will start selling things online and organizing shipment :)

P.S. At some point I'll be doing another post on some other super-talented and creative vendors at the bazaar :)

This post was written as part of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge (2013).


  1. Look who the great photographer is! Wonderful write up!


    1. Why thank you, my favorite partner in crime. We make a good duo ;)

  2. Hi ladies, will you be selling on Etsy? I would like to buy a few things before I go back to Japan at the end of June.

    1. Sorry for the slow reply... I hope you see this! :) We WILL be selling on Etsy, and would absolutely looove your business, especially if you are off to Japan! I haven't been able to see your blog (if you have one), nor is your email linked to your profile. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to email me at kim6bougies@gmail.com for more information. We'll announce the Etsy opening on here as soon as it is up and running.

      Thanks for the interest :)
      xx Kim


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