Friday, June 21, 2013

Divine Design Intervention

Let me start by saying that my expat bff and partner-in-crime, Megan, has amazing taste. The array of outfits she's had made in African textiles is ridiculously impressive and inspiring. Perhaps she'll do a guest post on the topic one of these days? *nudge*nudge* Another quick disclaimer: the pictures in this post a) are of terrible quality and b) do not do reality justice in terms of color or anything at all. But I'm impatient so... too bad ;)

I'm half thrilled, half severely depressed to reveal with you all what I discovered today:

A knock-off, modern Six Bougies fabric in Megan's wardrobe! 

What are the chances?!? 

Correct me if I'm wrong, Megan, but I think this shirt was made with a fabric chosen and purchased by the tailor herself. 


The Six Bougies Vlisco textile design is originally from 1940 and has been reprinted, but this interpretation is wild and abstract, including high heels and lipstick. I almost didn't notice the Six Bougies pattern references {the iconic 6, the spark plugs, the woman, the cut-off "bou"}. This modern textile definitely isn't original Vlisco, which just goes to show how recurrent and influential the Six Bougies design has been in the history and evolution of African textiles.

The original for reference:

Spark plugs, woman donning a hat, 6s all over, and the "6BOUGIES"

Part of my dismay is due to the fact that we just wrapped up our new blog design (to debut next week ;) which I am absolutely, 100%, completely in LOVE WITH. 

But. But. If we could have featured this fabric?! It's even in my favorite color scheme (especially in real life where the blue is actually much more turquoise and the red more pink). Again, the chances?! Deep sigh.

This is one of my weaknesses in life. Always wanting to keep my options open. Reluctant to embrace one definitive way forward {in design, travel plans, work, life choices}. I can be rather indecisive, and I tend to second-guess. 

And now a deep breath of acceptance

Its still awesome/amazing/unbelievable that this crazy amazing symbolic fabric landed in Megan's closet like some devine design intervention. Let's take it as a sign. 

A sign that great things are to come for Six Bougies. It's meant to be!


  1. Ohmygoodness! I had no idea I was sitting on an ode to 6Bougies fabric! Just for the record I picked this out last year at HLM and was stupid enough to split it with someone!!!!! Damn, I wish I would have kept the whole six yards!!!! I have two shirts made with it, the other one is a collared shirt. I have worn the one pictured several times (one of my favorites) and NEVER noticed the woman! that is CRAZY! haha Loved the post Kim great work!

    1. I stand corrected ;) Yea, I also spotted the spark plug in the new design but it doesn't really show up in pictures. My jaw dropped when I noticed the woman. Haha... it was fate! And clearly we're a tad textile-manic to experience so many emotions over a shirt ;) Love it!


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