Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Fashion Findings - NYC Edition

Hi y'all, Megan here. 

Aaannnnnnd I’m back on US soil for the first time since Christmas! 
I landed in NYC after a long seven hour Delta flight and I’m in the city for four days. It feels good to be speaking English, seeing friends and eating lots of kale, bacon and Kombucha! I decided to spend some time shopping (haha, actually that’s all I’ve been doing) and checking out the latest trends stateside.

While shopping in Urban Outfitters, I noticed a brand that kept catching my eye in the men's department, Koto. This brand has a distinctly African flair that incorporates Malian Mud cloth, African wax, and traditional African embroidery in its detailing. I was drawn in by the bold repeating patterns with a western color pallette, not to mention the handsome fella trying on the Printed Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt! I decided he would make the the perfect candidate for my blogpost this week. Too bad the lighting in Urban Outfitters was less than desirable, but I still got the shot!

David Luke
Occupation: Chemical Operator

Six Bougies: How would you describe your personal style?
DL: My personal style is a mix of everything. I don’t really follow trends much. Instead I look for something that is classic and timeless but still makes a statement. Something that I can have in my closet, and after a few years of not wearing, can pull it out and it will still be cool and current.

Six Bougies: What is your favorite item in your closet?
DL: It would have to be a pair of kelly green Marc Jacobs shorts because I can wear them with sneakers for a more casual look, or dress them up with a blazer for going out with friends. I always get compliments when I wear them out.

Six Bougies: So question of the hour.... did you buy the hoodie? And what about it made you want to try it on in the first place?
DL: I was drawn towards the bold distinct pattern of the hoodie, unfortunately, I had to order one online because urban seems to ran out of size large. So I will be wearing it in about a week or so.

Thanks, David!


  1. I love that he went through the trouble of ordering the hoodie online! Urban is really killing it with their African prints lately! Soak up all the inspiration while you can... wish I were there with you! xx Kim

  2. This guy has style, the sweater looks great on it! I have a friend who lives down the road who's from Cameroon, and I'm so jealous when I see her in summer wearing her colorful dresses from Africa. She looks like a queen! Unfortunately, I would look like a wanna-be swiss cheese wearing these...


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