Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Fashion Findings

Happy Friday, everyone! Today my dear friend and business partner (!!!) Megan will be starting a weekly feature on fashion spotted in Dakar (and elsewhere, eventually). Enjoy!

Hello Blogosphere!

My name is Megan and I am the other half of Six Bougies! I have been living in Senegal the past two years teaching art. Living here has rekindled my love of fashion and awakened my sense of color and pattern. Its impossible not be inspired by the fashion here in Dakar and I’m eager to share some observations and admiration!

I am super excited to start a weekly series of fashion findings, first from Senegal, and then around the world. I would like my Friday Fashion Findings to have what I consider an African flair, but being that I will be traveling off the continent this summer, I am not sure WHAT I will find.

I decided to first start with two of favorite my style icons and co-workers here in Dakar, Senegal. Kate and Prim reign from as far off as Seattle, Washington and Port Maria St. Mary, Jamaica but both consider themselves 100% Senegalese in their style choices.

Katherine Lancaster
Occupation: Education Specialist

Six Bougies: What’s your favorite item in your closet?
KL: A navy blue kids blazer that I have had so long it has lost all form, and is so soft it’s like a sweater. I love it because you can throw anything on underneath it and still be professional. Skimpy dress? Oh, its professional, I’m wearing a blazer.

Six Bougies: Item you feel naked when without?
KL: Mascara, I’m a blonde my eyelashes are blonde, I feel invisible if I am without it.

Six Bougies: Why do you love fashion in Senegal?
KL: I love fashion here because you can dress up everyday. You can wear sparkles on your eyelids at noon and as many outrageous themes as you want, consecutively. Yesterday my theme was Moroccan princess, today wax, tomorrow 80’s, the next day feathers. In the States I couldn’t get away with that. That’s one of the benefits of living here.

Primrose Thompson Gueye 
Occupation: English Teacher

Six Bougies: What is your favorite color scheme to wear? 
PG: Anything YELLOW! I love yellow. I think everyone at work, including students, know how obsessed I am. This year, my favorite was yellow was mustard. But who doesn’t like yellow? It’s the color of sunshine!

Six Bougies: Item you feel naked when without?
PG: Earrings, I have to be wearing some sort of earrings before I leave the house every morning or I feel incomplete. They draw attention to your face.

Six Bougies: Why do you love fashion in Senegal?
PG: The best word that describes the fashion in Senegal would be, unique, it’s different from the other West African countries. Its not commercial, a lot of people use the tailors here to make copies of outfits from different countries but they always change something to put their own spin on it; even if an outfit is two years old they still work it on the street, like its coming off the runways of Paris.

Thanks for posing, Kate and Prim! :)


  1. Megan!, awesome first Friday Fashion Blog. Loved reading about the fashionistas in Dakar - I think they have us Bostonians beat, hands down!

    1. Haha well the weather is on our side here. When the weather is between 70-85 degrees most of the year we can wear basically whatever we want! Last winter I was in DC visiting friends and I noticed EVERYONE was in black, gray, and browns. SO drab and boring! I was glad to come back to the DKR ;)

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