Thursday, June 27, 2013

Here, There, Everywhere

Things are getting BUSY again, oof! I have so many aspirations for this little blog here, and Six BougiesCHECK US OUT ON ETSY :) - but the day job is slowly but steadily grabbing hold of my attempt at work/life balance. Next week is going to be a whirlwindddddd. And the cycle repeats itself, womp womp.

So let me regale you with some disorganized and disjointed rambling ;)

Obama arrived in Senegal on Wednesday night! He's starting off a tour of Africa, visiting Senegal, Tanzania, and South Africa. The excitement in the city is palpable, and its quite infectious. There's an energy in the air (and heightened security) and I'm hoping to catch a glimpse of the excitement somehow. On the downside, his visit seems to be slowing down the internet and phone networks for some reason. That is why this post is so late!

The chances of a sighting are slim to none :-/

In unrelated new, I officially migrated to Feedly this past weekend. I just don't really get or like Bloglovin'... I don't like how the same über-popular fashion and family blogs are always featured on the home page, and I don't like the name Bloglovin' (haha... am I weird?). From the looks of the internet, it seems like I should get on the Bloglovin' bandwagon if I want to ensure hoards of readers, but I much prefer the clean, practical, and genderless (?) aesthetic of Feedly. Actually, I'll even admit I think I like it better than Google Reader! So far I'm really enjoying the "Saved for Later" tab; I like how the blog posts on the Saved page appear small (kind of like Pinterest) and are easy to navigate after the fact. I also like that you can Pin images directly from Feedly, which was not the case for Google Reader. Fun times!

Without further ado... you should probably follow Six Bougies on feedly :)

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Dakar Fashion Week has come to a close! I didn't take full advantage of the show (... I'm poor right now without access to cash and the $30 ticket was kind of steep. Lame?), but I did go to the brunch/closing event on Sunday at the French Cultural Center. Except we got there 30 minutes after the brunch had finished, and the models and designers hadn't even arrived yet. Sidenote: the FCC has the worstserviceeverrrr. But... I love the setting so they still get my money. After a three hour leisurely lunch and two cappuccinos with whipped cream, we were able to check out some of the items for sale, but didn't stick around for the African dance show. I do want to go into more detail on this... a future post, inshallah!

The setting wins me over every time.

For more on Dakar Fashion Week, check out these two posts at The Gazelle Skirt. It personally pains me to read these posts... I wish I had gone! #nextyearinshallah

Later in the afternoon, C. and I headed over to his friend's downtown house for a SUMMER barbecue (I did something "summery," hooray!). Said friend lives in a pretty amazing house on a cliff over looking the ocean with a pool. Another chef-friend took care of the barbecuing and the meat was so. good. Tender and no fat... I was in red meat heaven! But the barbecue definitely didn't fit the American bill exactly, with techno beats in the background and Senegalese fishing boats on the horizon.

I know Megan has lots of updates stateside... a pop-up shop for Six Bougies in Silver Lake, Los Angeles... our first Etsy order and shipment, and other general gloriousness that I have been following and envying from a distance/via Instagram (be sure to follow her!). Hopefully she'll fill us in a little bit on Friday with her weekly feature ;) Don't forget to check-out the Etsy shop, still a work in progress but making some serious strides!

A sneak peak at our Six Bougies packaging for our first Etsy shipment...


  1. Yay for your first shipment, that's SO exciting!!

  2. Hi Stephanie, thanks for the encouragement! Everyday the load gets a little bit lighter! haha


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