Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer: A Pity Party

Living in a tropical country with two seasonswet and dryis interesting. I grew up outside of Boston where the seasons are dramatic. I really dislike the cold and often wonder how I survived the long, dark, frigid New England winters of my childhood. But I always adored spring, fall, summer... the sense of excitement and renewal with each new season.

A white Christmas in 2011, home for the holidays outside of Boston. And my puppy Neige <3 

Lately, the blog world has been blowing up with declarations of SUMMER! Summer picnics, beach outings, outdoor festivals, weekend getaways. Whelp, its pretty much summer all year round here. I know, I know... cry me a river. But, I've been feeling extremely nostalgic lately. The weather is changing here as well. Its growing stifling and uncomfortable. Ramadan begins in roughly a month, and Dakar's activity will die down completely during the month of fasting. 

Not to mention all my good friends are returning to the U.S. for summer vacation (they are teachers). This is my first summer working. I had summer jobs in high school and college, but it was still SUMMER. It was still relatively care-free without the stress of my studies, and with ample time to schedule family vacation and escapades with friends.

Call me crazy, but my heart literally aches for the humid late night air of Boston/D.C., perusing the city blocks in the haze of a summer buzz. SE#WR*^W$%&!!!!! NOSTALGIA!

Reuniting with Emily, who is now engaged. Tear! I miss her.

Reuniting with the fam and a jaunt to Wichita.

Well, I started this pity party and so I guess I'll see it through. I have no confirmed plans to see family or friends this summer (working on it). My work travel gets scheduled last minute, making it difficult to plan elaborate trips home or off the continent, and I don't have much vacation left in my arsenal this year. My job looks to become more stressful in the coming months. The weather has worsened. And all my friends are leaving Dakar. Woe is me.

I am missing summer vacations as a teacher so hard right now. I guess I have always associated summertime with freedom. And I currently feel locked in a hot and sticky cage of stress and obligation.

Discovering S. California for the first time with Megan... Del Mar.

Beach day in Malibu.

And now for the rational wake up call. I love living somewhere that is warm all year round. It means I get to enjoy the wonder of summer and being outside all year round. The trick is taking advantage of it and not becoming complacent. This past weekend is a perfect example of how not to spend my summer. Saturday I felt ill and stayed in watching TV all day, only to rise for a lovely dinner out with C. On Sunday I slept in late and.... vegged out all day. Pretty pathetic. 

So rather than complain or long for a wet, hot American summer, the next time I have some free time I'm going to live. it. up. Beach, picnic, excursion out of Dakar (which I've been talking about for months!), new restaurant or coffee shop, live music. I think its time for a Dakar Summer Bucket List!

Chime in with any suggestions ;)



  1. Ngor Island
    Henna party with Bathie
    Paella in Yoff on Sundays
    Fashion Week
    And... a visit to Saint-Louis!

    That would be my list.

    1. Oooo, I like these! I've never had paella in Yoff. And I am so pumped for Fashion Week! Do you have any details on the event? Thanks for the input!


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