Monday, July 22, 2013

In Which I Attempt to Recreate the South of France in Dakar

Happy Monday! I am back in Senegal after my glorious week in the South of France.

I’m not going to lie... I am definitely going through withdrawal—missing my family, the slow, relaxing pace of life, delicious food, new adventures and scenery, old friends and their little ones.....

A selection of delicious meals and foods I savored last week.
Also, iPhone photography of food is just sub-par.


Last night, however, the stars aligned and C. and I dined on a meal reminiscent of my week away. In the airport at Marseille, I made an impulse purchase and bought a cheese gift box for 40 euros, which frankly isn’t so bad since cheese is expensive (even in France) and it came with generous portions of six different types. The gift box survived my seven hour layover in Casablanca and we cracked it open last night. (I was worried. Stinky French cheese at room temperature for over twelve hours...)

I had also bought some {imported} peaches at the supermarket on Saturday (in Senegal) which were disappointingly dehydrated and rather tasteless. (While at my grandparents, I probably consumed over 30 peaches/nectarines, juice dripping down my chin with each bite.) After spying a dish coupling peaches and prosciutto online, I decided to revive the peaches in a sauce pan with olive oil, honey, and little bits of prosciutto.

I mean, heart-shaped cheese? An obvious winner.
The package came with little labels for each cheese. Cute!

C. happened to be making a trip downtown, so he stopped by Eric Keyser, the finest bakery in Dakar, and picked up some quality baguette.

The peach prosciutto chutney, coupled with an assortment of French cheeses, and authentic French baguette... not. too. shabby. 

(Should I admit we were one cheese short as I finished it before our grand spread?)

We were. It doesn't quite live up to the original, but it'll have to do.

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