Friday, July 12, 2013

Last minute travel plans... :)

Village scenes in the south of France
Cabrières, my grandparent's village in the south of France

I bit the bullet and made last minute travel plans... Tomorrow night I am off to the south of France for six days!!

I couldn't be more excited. I will have the opportunity to see almost my entire family, including my grandfather who underwent major heart surgery this spring. Because I bought my ticket so last minute, I am planning the trip as a surprise to my grandparents (my dad will be helping with the execution). I can't wait to see their expressions when we drive up to the house!

I arrive on the eve of Bastille Day (French Independence Day, July 14). I was disappointed that the Fourth of July came and went with nothing special... but honestly I have much deeper ties to Bastille Day anyways, despite feeling more American than French. I spent Julys in France throughout my childhood and the festivities around Bastille Day were always the highlight of the summer. I shall share stories one day (... like how I was once chased by a bull, not unlike the bulls in that photo up there ;)

And now I will be able to attend the village "balle" (party/dance), watch the bulls run through the streets - a tradition borrowed from Spain, revel in fireworks, all while sharing in this experience with my seven year old twin brothers :)

Daily ice cream consumed on the village church steps. Summer 2011.

Alex and Patrick striking a pose in front of the pool - two years ago!

I also plan to go SHOPPING. I think my trip coincides with seasonal sales in France... fingers crossed. Make-up... a new purse... a new wardrobe. I'm giddy!

The icing on the cake is that my mom and brother Paul will also, coincidentally, be in the south of France next week, so I will be spending a night and day with them as well, closer to the Cote d'Azur (which I'm actually not at all familiar with!).

So pretty much I'm on cloud nine. Except for an unexpected eye infection and a mountain of work to complete before I leave.... details, details. Here's to hoping I don't look like a leper by the time I board my flight at 3am Saturday morning.

And... I have a seven hour layover in Casablanca on the way back. You better believe I am taking a taxi straight to the souks and returning with some Moroccan fare. And a belly full of tagine.

I'm out. The piles of work beckon, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

P.S. I am hoping my grandmother's facebook skills aren't savvy enough to lead her to this post....

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