Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Let Pictures Make the Stress Go Away

Hello from stress-land! Today I woke up with hives, which I'm going to assume are the result of stress. I've never had hives before, so this is a fun first. Annnnd I'm going to stop while I'm ahead because they seem to get worse the more I think/talk about them. {As I feel one rising up my neck.... resist urge to scratch, resist, resisttttttt!}

Moving on. The start of the week has been productive if crammed with activity. 

One highlight was our first meeting with the DJ for the all-day public event going on this weekend. He showed up to our training wearing a bright pink button down shirt, small matching pink hand towel draped over his shoulder (???), sunglasses indoors, and a belt that rotates à la WWF:

I'd regale you with more anecdotes, but I must get back to the tasks at hand. I leave you with some decor and home goods inspiration I've been ogling and coveting over the past couple of weeks...

The Adama Paris (discovered through Dakar Fashion Week) office in Dakar, Senegal. Via.


I love the designer's style! Via.




Coveting this iPhone case.

I spy an African wax pillow. Via.
Pillow inspiration, from Nala Design, my newest obsession.

Happy Hump Day to all! Hopefully I'll be back with a new blog design in a couple of days... but only after a few vodka-soaked gummy worms for the Fourth of July ;)

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  1. Oh dear, I LOVE the bedroom style. So fresh, clean, light. I'll NEED it!!


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