Thursday, July 11, 2013

Satire in Senegal

I will be sharing some exciting news tomorrow (!!!!) and I think Megan has a post in the works as well. She is currently in Mexico, lucky woman. I can't wait to see what fashion she stumbles upon.

Sidenote: This couple is posting about their recent trip to Mexico, and it looks amazing... just in case anyone feels like a little globe trotting via the internet ;)

Also wanted to invite everyone to follow Six Bougies on Facebook :) I cannot get the hang of Twitter. While I understand the appeal, its just too time consuming for me to come up with short pithy statements I think will come off as clever. {I am a touch self critical.} Maybe one of these days I'll hop on board, but for now I am a fan of the Facebook platform. We share posts, pictures, Africa-inspired links, and shop updates on the page. Please follow along for regular updates and inspiration!


My original intent for this post was to share with you all a satirical video about Senegal. It was made a few years ago now, but I think this might be one of the very few Anglophone and comical videos featuring Senegal on Youtube.... so I had to repost it, especially as a visual for Senegal! I even toured Gorée with the same guide, Ali. I personally love the work-out beach scene (5 min walk from my house!) and the trip to the fabric market.


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  1. Well, Senegal is awesome, and Ricki and Natasha are obnoxious. The sad thing is that many tourists do behave like that. Embarrassing!!


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