Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kimtopia for Three Months

Day Two of Blogtember: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

Oh, wowsa. The possibilities. Actually, I'm slightly concerned by how much this question resonates with me right now. And with three months, that leaves a LOT of time for this imagination of mine to go wild! 

Here is my dream for three months off my current life: to create a Kim-utopia where all my best friends and family live relatively near each other in a bustling metropolitan area near a body of water, preferably the ocean, with AMPLE free time to spend quality time together. Not too much to ask, eh?!

One of the hardest things about living abroad for an extended period of time is the lack of quality time I get with my best friends from home. With limited trips back to the U.S. and the fact that my close relatives are spread out in the U.S. and abroad, my family is the priority when I plan trips home. Even when I do see my friends, my base is still at my parents' homes and it can be quite the juggling act for everyone involved.

As a result, I deeply miss spending quality time with my besties. I always make sure to have at least a few days to spend clocking in quality time, and they make a real effort as well, but it just doesn't come close to when we were roommates in college living under the same roof or in the same neighborhood! Sigh. I worry too about missing out on major milestones in my friends and family's lives, growing more and more removed from everything because of the distance :( But I guess its also normal life evolution... demanding jobs, relationships, families, friends... I imagine it can be a lot to juggle even when you do live in the same zip code!

So in these fantasy three months of mine we'd plan weekend trips, a full-fledged, care-free beach vacation amongst friends, I would work on creative projects during the day, and I'd have time to see my family at leisure, taking part in every day activities I normally miss out on. Bonus if I'm present for some key milestones--engagements, new jobs, or first day of school!

This House on Cape Cod

Plus these lovely people (and new friends too... come join Kimtopia!):

... Basically three months of everything I miss the most about living far away. Womp, womp.

But, since we might grow tired of this Kim-inspired utopia after two months... and I can't say no to travel--I'd spend the last free month traipsing about Italy with C. I was lucky enough to travel extensively in Italy as a kid with my grandparents, but I dream of returning as an adult, especially with C. in tow. Food, art, natural beauty, romance... gratzie!


Palio di Siena, a famous horse race I witnessed when I was twelve.


Cinq Terre, of course.

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