Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happenings in Fashion and Wax

Guess what? The tailor postponed... again. So I do not have a Tailor Tales update for you this fine Tuesday, in fact I barely remember what I had made! But if I recall correctly, I don't think the kaftan dress will be seasonally appropriate for my upcoming trip...

Megan normally handles the fashion posts around here, but I've been eying some African-inspired fashion around the interwebs lately and wanted to share.

First off, I love Adama Paris' new Spring/summer 2014 collection, which she just showed at Black Fashion week in Paris. The pieces are sexy, colorful (my sweet spot as you will see below) and combine African wax and tissé fabrics... my two personal favorite textiles from (or inspired by) Africa.

I snagged those pictures from her Instagram, but you can see many more pictures of the runway show on the Adama Paris website.

The next two designers I stumbled upon via Nothing but the Wax, a great (French language) blog devoted to all things.... wax (specifically here and here). Once again, these brands feature colorful, modern, sexy designs in African wax. Gets me every time!

First, the Candy Collection (and a few other pieces) by Sika:

And Dpipertwins, twin sister designers based in NYC and inspired by their Ghanaian roots:

As the weather cools off here, I would love to try some 3/4 length blouses in African wax (minus the crop top/side slits... not sure that would be the best look for me ;) And if the weather ever cooled off enough, I'd be all over a wax trench coat, like the ones from Sika. 

I'm most definitely inspired! And you???

Monday, October 14, 2013

I like to be in America!

You guys... last week was gooood.

I have been organizing a work trip to the U.S. for the last two months and things are finally, finally, FINALLY coming together.... less than a week before I head back to American soil. That's the nature of this job - always last minute. For anyone who really knows me, I... thrive under pressure, but I also love to plan down to the minute detail (is that ironic?). The past few weeks have been torturous with so many moving pieces jeopardizing the conference, and with so many factors completely out of my control (*cough*U.S. consulate*cough*). But I can finally BREATHE A SIGH OF RELIEF.

It's happening. Knock on wood. Insh'allah.

The besttttttttt part is that I am extending my trip two weeks for an epic East Coast Reunion Adventure. Well, actually the best part is......


This will be his first trip on my stomping ground after two and a half years together. He'll be meeting my dad, my brothers, my puppies, and the majority of my friends for the first time EVER!!! The plan is to work our way up from Washington--cannot wait to stroll through Georgetown and past the White House together!--to NYC for some quintessential American sightseeing (/shopping/eating), and up to Boston/New England for all that autumn has to offer (cider. apples. pumpkins. seasons. LEAVES CHANGING COLOR)... and some much needed family and friend time.

The Georgetown tour will definitely be a highlight....

Blooming trees on Georgetown's Copley Lawn

Images via here and here

To say I'm excited is a bit of an understatement ;)

And I haven't been home since January. I've touched on my nostalgia quite a bit these past several months. I finally get to indulge in the things I miss most... the tangible things, yes, but mostly just being a part of everything. And I get to share it with C. I'm so grateful.

Let the list making begin! But first, a list of lists I need to make :)

  • All the shizz I need to buy, primarily a BRAND NEW WARDROBE (I haven't really shopped for myself in nearly two years!). Also, bulk-sized parmesan.
  • Our detailed daily itinerary. Sights in D.C., NYC, and Boston -- from the White House to my high school.
  • Quintessential American experiences in which C. must partake, eg. Halloween. Apple picking. PICNICS.
  • Must-try restaurants and food: real sushi, real steak, MEXICAN FOOD, pumkin-flavored everything, STARBUCKS, chicken salad from the Cheese Shop in Concord, and the list goes on....
Anything glaring I forgot??? 


On a more serious note, traveling to the U.S. is a big effing deal for... anyone not from the 37 countries able to travel freely under the Visa Waiver Program (that's 37 out of 197 countries in the world, or a slim 19% of countries). Forget immigration, I'm just talking about simple tourist/business trips. So this is a really big deal. And we're basking in (somewhat bitter) gratitude for it all.

Just looking at this map literally makes my blood boil. And after further reading, West Africa as a region has the highest visa refusal rate in the world. Awesome.

  The United States and its territories
  Visa free countries
  Visa Waiver Program countries

Well, I didn't mean to end this super exciting post on such a depressing tone... even though that search really did leave a terrible taste in my mouth. We shall focus on gratitudegratitudegratitude!

In other news, the tailor delayed my order until tonight, womp womp. Three weeks late, but I am still so excited to share the outcome with you all!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mad Men, Africa Style

Six Bougies' foray into men's fashion is a hit the world over! I've been an admirer of men's fashion for a while, especially after reading this article way back when about men's fashion during times of economic downturn. Please don't stop reading, I promise I am not that much of a bore. As this article mentions, when jobs are scarce the competition gets tough and you have to put your best foot forward to show what an asset you are to the company. This means dressing to impress.

I think my love affair with men's style began with my pinterest board and continued when an (ex) boyfriend asked me how I would dress him if given the chance. Every girl's dream come true, right ladies?!? He was pretty much a blank slate. His go to evening out attire was as follows: black pants, white shirt, black vest, and a pair of Oxford styled Vans. Not soooo bad, but maybe a tad bit on the boring side. The kicker... this was in 2011!!!!!!! Just kidding, I would never break up with a guy because he had bad style, that would be so shallow... ahem, well maybe if he donned Jesus sandals...

Anyways, then I started assembling what I thought should be "the rules" of great dressing for men (a post on this to come).

Around the same time, I was mixing African Wax in Western styles into my wardrobe and coming up with the concept of Six Bougies. My fashion flame was ignited and I stared designing totes, handbags, dresses, etc. Then my brother said "Hey, how about about something for men?!" He had just recently started dressing up for his job at a hotel and introduced me to companies like The Tie Bar and blogs like Sydney Men's Fashion. Now I even have male style icons such as Ouigi Theodore from Brooklyn Circus and the dynamic duo at Street Etiquette.

And with all these inspirations and influences, the collection of Six Bougies neckties was born! I have a ton of ideas for pocket squares, t-shirts, watches, the list goes on. Be sure to check out our etsy shop here!

These pictures are all of Christian (Kim's bf) for our look book, taken on the streets of Dakar. And today is his birthday! Happy birthdayyyy, Chriiiiiis!

So, do you think the men in your life would be bold enough to rock a Six Bougies tie?!

- Megan @megs6bougies

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Store Lust: Can I live in Furbish Studios??

I have a crush. On a store. More precisely, Furbish Studio in..... Raleigh, NC. Yup, just had to look that up. I knew it was somewhere in the south I have never been to. I would legit plan a trip to Raleigh for the sole purpose of visiting Furbish (there must be other lovely attractions!). Followed by promptly collapsing in a pile of heavenly patterned pillows against a custom-made headboard, feet resting on a golden pouf.

I'll be honest, I don't think I could ever do THIS much pattern/color all at once in single space. I think I'd dial down the mixed patterns to about 70%. Obviously as a retail store, the cray-cray is all styled together, one bright textile upon another, accessories upon accessories. But many (if not all) of these pieces spread out in a sliiightly bit calmer space? Perfection. Bright colors, bohemian flare, amazing textiles, a certain quirky irreverence... I'm all in.

Without further adieu.... behold:

::Images from FurbishI SuwaneeGlitter Guide, and the Furbish Pinterest::

What say you? Which pattern would you take, which would you leave? I think I could live in this store. Bring on the pattern mixing. 

All they need is a little African fabric flair from Six Bougies, amiright? ;)

P.S. I am really, truly, going to do my utmost to post more regularly now! Coming up: the next installment in my tailor adventure, a spa experience in Dakar, and a new (temporary, sniff) canine addition to the family.

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