Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happenings in Fashion and Wax

Guess what? The tailor postponed... again. So I do not have a Tailor Tales update for you this fine Tuesday, in fact I barely remember what I had made! But if I recall correctly, I don't think the kaftan dress will be seasonally appropriate for my upcoming trip...

Megan normally handles the fashion posts around here, but I've been eying some African-inspired fashion around the interwebs lately and wanted to share.

First off, I love Adama Paris' new Spring/summer 2014 collection, which she just showed at Black Fashion week in Paris. The pieces are sexy, colorful (my sweet spot as you will see below) and combine African wax and tissé fabrics... my two personal favorite textiles from (or inspired by) Africa.

I snagged those pictures from her Instagram, but you can see many more pictures of the runway show on the Adama Paris website.

The next two designers I stumbled upon via Nothing but the Wax, a great (French language) blog devoted to all things.... wax (specifically here and here). Once again, these brands feature colorful, modern, sexy designs in African wax. Gets me every time!

First, the Candy Collection (and a few other pieces) by Sika:

And Dpipertwins, twin sister designers based in NYC and inspired by their Ghanaian roots:

As the weather cools off here, I would love to try some 3/4 length blouses in African wax (minus the crop top/side slits... not sure that would be the best look for me ;) And if the weather ever cooled off enough, I'd be all over a wax trench coat, like the ones from Sika. 

I'm most definitely inspired! And you???


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  2. I love those tops from Dpipertwins!!!! I want to get one made as soon as the weather cools down!


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