Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mad Men, Africa Style

Six Bougies' foray into men's fashion is a hit the world over! I've been an admirer of men's fashion for a while, especially after reading this article way back when about men's fashion during times of economic downturn. Please don't stop reading, I promise I am not that much of a bore. As this article mentions, when jobs are scarce the competition gets tough and you have to put your best foot forward to show what an asset you are to the company. This means dressing to impress.

I think my love affair with men's style began with my pinterest board and continued when an (ex) boyfriend asked me how I would dress him if given the chance. Every girl's dream come true, right ladies?!? He was pretty much a blank slate. His go to evening out attire was as follows: black pants, white shirt, black vest, and a pair of Oxford styled Vans. Not soooo bad, but maybe a tad bit on the boring side. The kicker... this was in 2011!!!!!!! Just kidding, I would never break up with a guy because he had bad style, that would be so shallow... ahem, well maybe if he donned Jesus sandals...

Anyways, then I started assembling what I thought should be "the rules" of great dressing for men (a post on this to come).

Around the same time, I was mixing African Wax in Western styles into my wardrobe and coming up with the concept of Six Bougies. My fashion flame was ignited and I stared designing totes, handbags, dresses, etc. Then my brother said "Hey, how about about something for men?!" He had just recently started dressing up for his job at a hotel and introduced me to companies like The Tie Bar and blogs like Sydney Men's Fashion. Now I even have male style icons such as Ouigi Theodore from Brooklyn Circus and the dynamic duo at Street Etiquette.

And with all these inspirations and influences, the collection of Six Bougies neckties was born! I have a ton of ideas for pocket squares, t-shirts, watches, the list goes on. Be sure to check out our etsy shop here!

These pictures are all of Christian (Kim's bf) for our look book, taken on the streets of Dakar. And today is his birthday! Happy birthdayyyy, Chriiiiiis!

So, do you think the men in your life would be bold enough to rock a Six Bougies tie?!

- Megan @megs6bougies


  1. i love it when women give input on men's fashion. cuz honestly sometimes i have no clue. lol. love the article, megan!

    1. Hahaha Thanks David! Yeah you know us, always have something to say about everything ;)

  2. Gorgeous ties! Gorgeous photographs. Gorgeous man! Happy birthday Christian!

  3. I love these ties, where can I buy some like these? Thanks for the great post!

  4. Hey Mia! You can press the SHOP button towards the upper left hand side of the page. Glad you enjoyed the post! Get your Six Bougies fix right in time for the holidays ;) More stuff is going to be added to the website in the next week so look out for it!


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