Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Store Lust: Can I live in Furbish Studios??

I have a crush. On a store. More precisely, Furbish Studio in..... Raleigh, NC. Yup, just had to look that up. I knew it was somewhere in the south I have never been to. I would legit plan a trip to Raleigh for the sole purpose of visiting Furbish (there must be other lovely attractions!). Followed by promptly collapsing in a pile of heavenly patterned pillows against a custom-made headboard, feet resting on a golden pouf.

I'll be honest, I don't think I could ever do THIS much pattern/color all at once in single space. I think I'd dial down the mixed patterns to about 70%. Obviously as a retail store, the cray-cray is all styled together, one bright textile upon another, accessories upon accessories. But many (if not all) of these pieces spread out in a sliiightly bit calmer space? Perfection. Bright colors, bohemian flare, amazing textiles, a certain quirky irreverence... I'm all in.

Without further adieu.... behold:

::Images from FurbishI SuwaneeGlitter Guide, and the Furbish Pinterest::

What say you? Which pattern would you take, which would you leave? I think I could live in this store. Bring on the pattern mixing. 

All they need is a little African fabric flair from Six Bougies, amiright? ;)

P.S. I am really, truly, going to do my utmost to post more regularly now! Coming up: the next installment in my tailor adventure, a spa experience in Dakar, and a new (temporary, sniff) canine addition to the family.




  2. I'm moving right in with you ;-) But I agree, a little bit too pattern-heavy, hubby would go insane ;-) I'd go for a solid base and then add pillows, pillows, and more pillows ;-)

  3. This post as well as the past few have put me into a tizzy... Can we redesign the guest bedroom?

  4. awh, thanks for the nice post. have a good weekend!


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