Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful for Our American Adventure

Ice skating at Rockefeller... C.'s first time and a highlight of the trip!
Witness him in action on insta. Consider it an early Christmas gift :)

We're back! 

Also, Happy Thanksgiving :)

It’s been about a week since C. and I returned from our American adventure and I must admit I’m feeling a little flat. My Thanksgiving was nice - tanning at the Radisson followed by gelato - but rather un-American. Last year I had malaria on Thanksgiving and didn't know it yet, so I guess it's an improvement ;) At least the weather is gorgeous here, especially compared to the sweltering humidity we left behind us in mid-October.

But... culture-shock seems to be hitting me harder this time around. I thought I was at a point where I could move rather seamlessly between the U.S. and Africa, immune to the potentially startling differences between the continents. And yet this past week, I have returned wandering glances with glares, scoffed at incompetent customer service, bristled at corruption and bureaucracy, and felt generally bothered and on edge.

Of course, it’s probably because this past trip to the U.S. with C. was so special that I’m having a harder time readjusting to life in Dakar. So let’s focus on the positive of that glorious trip, shall we?!?! After all, it is Thanksgiving, a time to be grateful! (And fight all urges to whine and lament that it’s already overrrrrr...)

We traveled through 10 states (and stopped in a few more), soaked in much needed time with friends and family, indulged in so much gluttony (sushi! grass-fed steak! Mexican! Thai!), drove tractors in Minnesota farm land, walked the streets of New York city in the rain, road a boat on the Charles river, spun around the 48th floor of a sky scraper in Times Square, relished pumpkin spice lattes, twirled in a flurry in Fargo. And so much more.

A few of my favorite memories...

Side note, I'm wearing pretty much the same thing in every picture: (old) winter coat, black pants, a scarf, and boots. What can I say, my winter wardrobe is limited ;)

Corn fields in Minnesota... oh, the places you go for your job!

Mall of America Legoland... a different scarf, revolutionary ;)

Back to familiar territory: fall on the east coast, Maryland to start.

Quintessential DC: Dahlgren Chapel at Georgetown, Clyde's, Georgetown Cupcake, the White House, the Capitol. Cue NOSTALGIA.

NYC: The Highline, Washington Square, Central Park... Be still my heart.

Family, friends, and festivities in New England. I spy a Six Bougies tie ;)
Portsmouth, NH.

One last romp in NYC, pourquoi pas?

To my 
American compatriots
 - have wonderful Thanksgiving!

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