Friday, February 7, 2014

Salaamalekum. And Five on Friday.

I had to get a post in this week... and coincidentally, this is our 100th blog post on Six Bougies :) Not a bad way to end the week!

Well, rather than ignore the two months that have passed without posting, I think a round up of updates is necessary. A lot has changed around here and I’m excited to share and start 2014 anew, refreshed, and with exciting prospects.

Breaking out the list form, and linking up for Five on Friday in the process...

1) Megan and I were featured at The Displaced Nation today, talking about life in Dakar and running a creative business. Check out the interview here and make sure to !!!! COMMENT !!!! for a chance to win one of our new African wax duffel bags designed by Megan - a limited edition that you should definitely snatch up because its hawt! 

You could win this bag - so go comment!!!! Please :)

2)   C and I moved! I hinted at this news back in.... November? December? We actually rented our new apartment starting December 1, but just moved in a couple of weeks ago. I canNOT wait to share before pictures, design plans, projects, custom orders, and the like. Interior design blogging is my JAM and I've already encountered some challenges and even dived in some Dakar dumpsters... so get ready for some Africa-inspired design goodness, on a budget.

Pictures and detailed moving post coming next week!

3)   Without going too much into the details, I’ve been going through some (very exciting) professional changes. This development is exciting because it was long overdue and I have felt like a COMPLETELY NEW person over the past several weeks. Walking away from a negative and draining situation was one of the most freeing and empowering things I have ever done! I am so looking forward to growing Six Bougies and pursuing my professional passions more freely this year. The unshakable lightness I've felt the past month reassures me I made the right decision.

4)   C and I adopted Taya! This is actually old news, but I never made it official around here. Taya is the sweetest puppy Megan and I rescued off the streets in October. At first we were just “fostering” her, but I fell in love (an understatement), and with our new place, we were able to adopt her.  I'm not going to lie, she has had some pretty serious health problems as a result of living on the streets for the first seven months of her life. The "I'll give her a bath and feed her dog food and she'll be fine in no time!" plan hasn't exactly panned out as I had hoped... yet. I would post so many more pictures of her soul-searching eyes were 50% of her coat not shedding due to mange! Yesterday she collapsed from an allergic reaction at the vet (she's okay now, alhamdoulilah). Pet ownership is rough! Nonetheless, I love her. Christian is warming up to her day by day ;)

5) This video featuring children playing soccer on the streets of Dakar is beautifully shot and generally awesome. You should watch it.

I think those are the most important bits of news?! After months of drudging through professional limbo with a dark cloud hanging over me.... I'm free! And so pumped for 2014 (well, the next 11 months). It feels good to be back. Let’s do this. Happy weekend :)
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