Tuesday, April 15, 2014

African Wax in Fashion - Spring 2014 Edition

I've been slowly amassing a collection of images showcasing African wax in the mainstream, as well as inspiring new pieces from staples like Vlisco and Stella Jean. Spring is in the air and what better time than to share these wax happenings with you all. Is it just me or does African wax seem to be trending more and more these days?!

For a similar post from fall 2013, be sure to check out this post.

Onto the current happenings in African wax, and even more happily - in the mainstream :) First, the much-loved and always eclectic Anthropologie! A couple months back now, Anthro came out with the Legend & Song line, inspired by a trip to (East and South) Africa and made in collaboration with African designers and artisans.

Obviously, right up the Six Bougies ally. Check out some of my favorites below!

I noticed Zara's wax influence through another blogger or facebook page (honestly can't remember) and have to share the eclectic, slouchy application of wax-inspired pieces. While Zara's current Trafaluc line definitely references wax in its prints, I'm not sure these piece are made from actual wax textiles.

Now on to the staples, and first the reliable yet always innovative queen of African wax, Vlisco's Spring 2014 line, Bloom. I am a sucker for feminine florals, and I just adore how Vlisco mixes prints.

And I'll leave you with a teaser from Stella Jean - one of my most favorite contemporary designers who consistently creates with African wax (and an Armani protégée, no less). She is half-Haitain, born and raised in Italy, and derives much inspiration from her own "multicultural personal journey." Make sure to check out the rest of the line, fueled by her "Wax & Stripes Philosophy"... I love it all!

Seriously, you need to check out all of her looks because they are to die for!

Oof, that was a lot! Which designs are your favorite? I absolutely love the dresses from Anthropologie (though I'd rather get them made myself ;) and I am beyond envious and inspired by the pattern combination genius from Stella Jean.

For more African-inspired inspiration (and all links in this post), head over to the joint Pinterest board Megan and I are continuously curating!

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