Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dakar Nest: Summer Daydreams for the Home

Why is it my imagination is absolutely a-flow with ideas and inspiration in this time of material want? Months passed without much inspiration or motivation, money dwindling on the usual uninspiring yet necessary purchases. And now... well, the wheels are spinning, the wallet empty. So in the meantime I content myself with collecting images for when the time is right, mentally designing spaces as I wait in line, as I fall asleep at night, whenever it strikes me...

++ A courtyard garden – I am dying for flowers and greenery to overflow our small yet potentially quaint space:

Like so...

++ Climbing flowers for our prison-like bedroom windows...

Either of these would be much better:

Via and via.

++ Craft idea: A wire sign with a Wolof phrase (Salaamalekum? Nangadef?) for the entry, inspired by Anthropologie...

++ Bunting with African wax scraps - I might actually be able to afford this! ;)


++ A custom upholstered headboard in African wax - just picture it!


++ A painted ceiling in the bedroom - a lighter peach, or blush... sunset inspired to play up on the beautiful afternoon light in here: 


++ A colorful rug for our huge hallway (that prayer mat has since relocated). Don't see this one happening any time soon... more prayer mats may need to suffice!

Like such:

Via the house in my recent Home Lust post.


++ Ladders and textiles, you can't go wrong...



* * *

I am also dreaming of the future in this transitional phase... Where to live next? Graduate school? Entrepreneurial ventures? Interior design? The UN? Starting from scratch with psychology?

Oh, how the mind wanders...!

Happy hump day ;)

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