Monday, July 7, 2014

Home Lust: Global Decor Meets Tradition in Paris

This Wednesday I am heading to...........


I can hardly believe it myself, honestly. Let it be known this trip is 100% thanks to the great generosity of my lovely mother. There is no way this "free agent" (ahem, me) would be able to afford a jaunt over the ocean on her own! I'm truly overflowing with gratitude :)

Pretty much my entire family will be in France this July, and so the whirlwind tour begins! I fly into Paris on Wednesday, arrive at noon (Insh'allah) and spend one glorious afternoon and night in the city of lights. We booked a room at this affordable boutique hotel next to Gare Montparnasse. It looks convenient and and cute, I'll let you know how it goes!

Then, my mom, Paul, and I will be making our way to the mountains outside of Grenoble by way of Angers and La Rochelle. And one week later I will head to my grandparent's house in Provence to join my dad and his side of the family for a week by the pool!

I'll be back in the thick of Sene-summer by the end of the month! We'll see how much greener the Mamelles hill is upon my return ;)


In honor of my upcoming trip, I thought I'd share this lovely, laid back, attainable, and slightly unexpected apartment in Paris. I love the juxtaposition of the bright textiles, bold colors, beach-y accessories coupled with sophisticated floor to ceiling windows, crown moulding, and views over the rooftops of the city. As much as I adore past home lust posts... this is the first I could actually imagine putting together myself. I love how it marries traditional Parisian architecture with global accessories (a mix I strive for in my own decorating). The small space looks lived in and has so much personality... I love it! What do you think??

First seen on Apartment Therapy, check out the entire house tour here!

Oh, Paris, how I miss you so! (But I'd probably be miserable if I actually lived there... the grass is always greener ;)

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