Monday, August 11, 2014

A Comedy of Errors, aka #expatproblems

Life lately... though totally fine, in the grand scheme of things... has been what one might call a comedy of errors.

Our fridge door is broken. The bottom hinge completely detached (from rust, it looks like). As a result, whenever opening the door, you now have to apply pressure to the bottom part of the door (where the hinge used to be) with your foot lest it completely unhinge and fall off. Which still happens to me anyway, about 70% of the time. C now does most of the door opening. Its a really fun extra step in my daily life, summoning him to open the fridge door for me. And let's just say this development has not encouraged me to do groceries or cook. Obviously we need to fix this ASAP... and ideally buy a new fridge, but you know. #lessmoneymoproblems

^^ Its hot season. The shirt comes off when entering the apartment. And with that, I have no more photos to document this post.

The other night our bed was creaking more than usual. Let it be known that I already hate our bed because 1) it is a bit too small for the mattress, which means the mattress is slightly concave, not good news for my back, 2) the carpenter painted it white but used the wrong kind of paint so its all dusty and there's nothing we can do to clean it it, and 3) it isn't sturdy. ANYWAY. I could tell something was awry with all those suspicious noises, and at 3am whilst deep in sleep, the bed violently collapsed. Fun times. We've now regressed to sleeping on the mattress on the ground. But it is actually more comfortable now that the mattress lies flat! Hah. The dust on the other hand...

Power outages abound. They are no where NEAR as bad as a couple years ago so I am knocking on wood as a type this... but, it is always an adjustment to go from power all the time to unexpected hours without electricity. There is never a good time for a power outage (except while you're out, of course!), but I hate when it goes out in the evening... it makes it impossible to find or do anything, leading to messes all over the place. Saturday night I had to get the hell out of the house after four hours of (sweaty) blackness. And then very early this morning it went out for several hours -- and trust me, I woke up IMMEDIATELY as the fan turned off :(. 

And as if a true symphony of calamities -- the construction going on directly behind our house (which is in the process of blocking precious sunshine from filtering through our bedroom window, another tragedy) began simultaneously jackhammering away. Why is this always the very first thing on their agenda?! No hammering all afternoon, but bright and early?? Of course!

Also, the internet hasn't worked well for weeks. Call me spoiled, but I can't live without internet. There is so much I want to research and do throughout the day, people to talk to, business to move forward. So I've resorted to lying on cushions on the kitchen floor where the signal is stronger, developing a crook in my neck from the position. Actually, yesterday I caved and dragged an armchair from the living room into the hallway next to the kitchen so I can be somewhat more comfortable in this time of strife.

It should be obvious to you all at this point, given my usual penchant for lengthy disclaimers.... I know I've got it pretty damn good compared to 99% of the population here in Senegal, so I should shut the hell up. But you know what, I think the majority of Senegalese would be right on board with fixing all of these problems (including my broken bed and fridge, obvi those are cause for national concern)... so no guilt in complaining today. Well, less guilt.

I've probably brought a water cut upon myself with this venting session.


P.S. Cockroaches. I found one chilling on my pillow yesterday. MY PILLOW.

^^Perhaps the solution is to meditate on this slice of heaven when the going gets rough?? Villard de Lans last month.

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