Friday, August 22, 2014

Dakar Nest: Fauxtoshop & African Wax Upholstered Headboards

Happy Friday! This weekend I don't have much planned, but I am heading to the fabric market tomorrow (downtown, not HLM), probably just to browse more than anything. I have far flung dreams of an upholstered headboard for our bedroom... and I'm hoping to scope out some potential fabrics. Per usual, I will probably be drawn to blues and pinks, jewel tones, etc. Yada, yada, yada. The yooj..

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I have a guilty addiction to "fauxtoshop" (see what I did there? ;)... and I've been going a bit crazy with headboard mock-ups featuring wax fabrics from my arsenal (you may recognize a few from here) and others found around the web. I don't own most of these prints and probably won't find them, but it was fun to play around with scale and colors. I used these headboard images for their shape, not necessarily the girly vibe.

What can we glean from my fauxtoshopping? I'm definitely drawn to the larger scale patterns, with more versatile colors. We'll see what I can find tomorrow!

P.S. This is the state of the bedroom at the moment, just to keep it real. I wasn't exagerrating about the bed situation :( (Please excuse the terrible lighting.) --

Not pictured: the shower curtain hanging from that rod to block sunlight. Have I mentioned we've lived here for seven months?!?!

Now for some prettiness!

Any thoughts? Would you dare?!

Have a great weekend!


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    Greetings from Italy

  2. Those are beautiful! I would totally do it! The first one and the pink interweaving wavy one are my favorite.

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