Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Guilty Pleasures, Expat Edition - Total Social

Today I decided to join Helene and Sarah on the #guiltytotalsocial link up. Woohoo! The prompt is to write about my guilty pleasures. Some of these are expat related, others are just.... related to me. Hah. Also, it appears I associate most of my guilt with eating, and wasting time/energy/money. Looks like my most prominent cardinal sins are gluttony and sloth! Who would have thunk it?! ;) (Answer: anyone who knows me.)

Let the embarrassment begin...

1. Long, (irrationally) hot, energy-wasting showers all year long.

2. Lounging in my towel in front of the fan for a minimum of three hours after said indulgent shower. I may or may not be doing this as we speak.

3. Setting the AC to 16 degrees (60 degrees fahrenheit).... and leaving the doors open throughout the apartment... back when we had AC to waste, of course. So bad.

4. Shelling out 10,000cfa ($20) to lounge by the Radisson’s pool for an afternoon... the equivalent of one week’s salary for the average Senegalese. Let that sink in :(

5. Imported, expensive, and unsustainable weekly groceries: Italian prosciutto, oil-marinated feta cheese (so, so good), French butter, etc.

6. Buttery, creamy, cheesy pasta for... dessert (or a midnight snack). I may or may not be eating this as we speak.

7. Similarly, rounding out that $10 block of gourmet French cheese in one sitting.

8. Changing themes: birth stories. I've been going through the link-up on Camp Patton's blog like it's Christmas morning. (Cringing at how weird I am over here!) And also, Christian blogs... despite the fact that I am not religious. At all. What can I say, I’m a blog-voyeur... the further from my reality, the more engrossing.

9. Spending hours on "Photo-shop" mock-ups of interiors, potential outfits, furniture, floorplans... you name it. This is my form of crack. And since I'm technologically challenged/poor, I use a mix of gimp/iphoto/picmonkey/picasa/word, which you can bet really speeds up the process.  I'm advanced like that ;)

I call it #ispy6b (6b = Six Bougies):

Psssst... new Six Bougies pillows are available on Etsy for super reasonable prices, and support a GREAT cause! ;)

10. Hardcore television marathons. Any roommate I've ever had can attest to this. I recently watched the entire series of The Wire (five seasons, 60 episodes, 60 hours) in less than two weeks time. That means I spent about 27% of my waking hours watching The Wire. Why did I just admit to that. #shameful

Honorable Mention: taking countless photos of Taya, breaking the "no dogs on the bed rule"... daily, plucking my eyebrows with a magnified mirror, scouring Dakar for the best chocolate mousse, and the list goes on.

I'll stop there, though I'm sure I could think of more! Any expat (or not) guilty pleasures you'd like to divulge?! Share in the comments!

Helene in Between


  1. those pillow are gorgeous!! i would spend hours on that too! and mmm cheese. wow $20 is a weeks salary ? that really puts in in perspective

  2. Great post Kim! I love your 6B fake photoshopping skills! LOL

    1. Haha... gotta use my resources ;) And I'm adding 11. Taking in stray pets, per your facebook comment!

  3. Those are pretty good guilty pleasures! I totally

    I totally want some expensive french cheese right now.


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