Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sheep of the Week, First Edition

Oh, just a casual stroll in downtown Dakar, moseying down to Place de l'Independence. The yooj.

And with this photo marks the beginning of a weekly post featuring... SHEEP, a lovely Dakarois staple. (And no, its not a goat... sheep here just look like goats.) How I am kicking myself for not photographing the sheep bath that took place not far down the beach as I swam through the waves last weekend! ;)

If you're in Dakar, feel free to email me any particularly awesome sheep shots; I'd love to share the wealth! kim6bougies@gmail.com

#sheepoftheweek #sheepshots

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. This series is loosely inspired by Donkey of the Day :)

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