Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sheep of the Week, Lamb Edition (#3)

This weeks #sheepoftheweek comes from my Dakar expat partner in crime, photographer extraordinaire, and much-loved guest poster, MEGAN. Plus, it features a precious little lamb... the best!

Megan snapped this shot in a village near Lompoul (north of Dakar, on the way to Saint-Louis). The baby sheep was only one week old!

Please note the mama sheep's red string ankle bling... is it a gris gris? Christian tells me its so that stubborn sheep won't escape. But I don't see the string attached to anything. So does it rely on mystical powers to keep the sheep in tow?!

Any Senegalese sheep experts out there have any ideas?

And a bonus #lambshot for your viewing pleasure:

Thanks for tuning into #moutonmercredi, and thanks for the photos, Megs!

Keep 'em coming; send me your #sheepoftheweek at

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