Wednesday, September 10, 2014

An African Wax Print Birthday Bash

Happy Hump Day! Let's pretend its Monday so I can get away with a weekend recap post, shall we?! Or rather, a WAX PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA recap. Get ready.

Megan's birthday was last Friday, so we decided it was FINALLY time to throw together an African wax print themed party... something we've been talking about for years. I'm so glad we bit the bullet because it was SO. MUCH. FUN. I might even break the record on caps lock and exclamation points in one post.

A good friend with a beautiful home and pool overlooking the coast kindly offered we host the party at his house. Um... yes, please, and thank you! Megan put together an adorable invite (above) and the wax-inspired planning commenced. First, we cut leftover wax fabric in long strips and braided it to make the base for our bunting. We then cut out triangles from various fabric scraps, and Megan put her hot glue to work. So cute, if we do say so ourselves ;) (And straight out of Anthropologie, am I right??)

Inspired by the photo-booth craze and the photography of Seydou Keita and Omar Victor Diop... we put together our version of an African wax print photo-booth: vibrant wax fabric back drop, waxed-out props, and a resident photographer near by to document people posing.

Megan and some Peace Corps friendsicles made most of the props, but I did help with the Wolof speech bubbles. (Sidenote, Sai Sai laa = I am a trickster/troublemaker/naughty.) Not only did the props come out amaaaazing... they were a HUGE hit. Who knew people loved taking selfies?! ;) But seriously, note to self: every party needs a photo-booth and props. Endless entertainment and keepsakes.

Another sweet detail: wax-adorned skewers for fruit-kebobs, which leads me to the simple but perfect menu. Megan whipped up several batches of bissap-infused sangria: delicious, potent, and budget friendly... can't go wrong. We used a closed drink dispenser to serve the sangria, so she prepped mini fruit skewers to garnish each glass of sangria with taste and style!

Megan also served cut up veggies and dip, nems (fried spring rolls common in Senegal), and some other yummy snacks. Guests brought juice and other drinks to supplement the options. But I'd say the sangria was much-loved and more than sufficient for fun!

^^This may or may not have been staged after the party ;) Shhhh...

^^Christian, otherwise known as Oba, my hipster Nigerian boyfriend, wore those glasses all. night. long.

And of course, THE OUTFITS! Everyone was required/implored to deck themselves in wax... and to really push the envelope and mix prints, while keeping it classy. We were going for FASHION FORWARD (as opposed to wacky tacky). I'd say people definitely followed suit. I also know Megan's closet offered many ladies a plethora of style options, myself included!

^^Sangria was spilled, hence the wardrobe change.

^^This, my friends, is called taking one for the team. Yikes ;)

As you can see, the night was a blast! It may or may not have ended in clothed swimming -- better than skinny dipping ;) We keep things pretty PG-13 around here! Megan put together an awesome playlist and people posed, danced, mingled, and drank the night away to the sound of waves crashing against the shoreline.


Hopefully it will be a birthday Megan will never forget ;) Her wax-filled dreams made a reality.

And Sunday I honestly felt depressed it was over! Haha. We want to throw wax-themed parties every weekend. We still have those props on hand... just sayin'


  1. Next time I'm in Dakar, I expect a wax-themed party. Sorry I missed this one.

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  3. Wow!! I really liked this African birthday party. Planning to have similar themed birthday party for my sister at one of Chicago venues. Would love to implement these ideas there. Thanks for sharing the post here.

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