Thursday, September 4, 2014

More is More: Matching Daring Decor with Saturated Style

As plans for the bedroom have slowly been taking form (I may or may not have found fabric for the headboard!)... I've been contemplating the aesthetic direction I want to go in. Previously, I imagined a breezy, slightly stark bedroom with whimsical details and (gasp!) pops of color. But after choosing my headboard fabric which isn't exactly subtle, I think I'm slowly having a change of heart. And I'll be revealing the fabric soon! Here is my previous bedroom mood board, before we even had our own place:

But lately I've noticed myself gravitating towards busier, more ballsy, high contrast designs, all within my tried and true boho-glam vibe. I'm finding I want to veer a little more experimental in decorating the bedroom. Megan has been a real inspiration to me when it comes to mixing African wax prints in fashion and decor, and helped me pull the trigger on my fabric choice.

I love being creative, but my biggest challenge has always been letting things flow naturally and organically.  For example, despite my best intentions to fashion a haphazard gallery wall, somehow it (almost) perfectly aligns?! Or when I tried my hand at embellishing an African mask, my lines were so perfect it almost looked elementary. Ugh. I'm definitely not the most confident when pushing the envelope in design, but I'm looking forward to relying on my gut and intuition a little more than usual!

And though I'm much less likely to attempt this in fashion, I also totally admire the risk takers when it comes to style. With a MORE IS MORE aesthetic in mind,  I played around matching daring decor with saturated style. Check out some of the combinations that have been inspiring me below! All the color and pattern warms the heart :)

All sources can be found here and here!

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