Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Stella Jean @ Home: Wax Upholstery for the Win!

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of Italo-Haitian, Armani-protégé fashion designer Stella Jean - as featured this spring!

But today I stumbled upon a delicious surprise - a preview of her upcoming HOME collection! According to my sleuthing, Stella partnered with Sephora in Milan to host a "Métissage Experience" during the exclusive Salone del Mobile showcase schedule. The designer showcased a capsule collection of vintage wax-upholstered arm chairs reflecting a "crossing of cultures, but not only… also of time periods, a crossing of generations, with influences from the Forties, Art Deco and 19th-century Italy."

I couldn't find any more details on when the collection will officially launch, and this Sephora show happened in April/May... so we'll have to keep our eyes peeled for updates!

What do you think???

Images from HERE.

Also, the flyer is SO up my ally. Do you recognize the curtain textile? None other than my top choice for an upholstered headboard!

Flyer (and more info) from HERE.

And on a different but very related note, I thought I'd hop on over to Stella Jean's home page and check out her fall/winter line. It did not disappoint. I am no fashion critic, but I always seem to love her work! She juxtaposes patterns and textures in just the right doses for me... While totally interesting and bold, I still find it all (relatively--it is the runway, after all) wearable and aesthetically pleasing. 

Side note, apparently she also just showed her ready to wear Spring/Summer 2015 line so I am very behind on things. I'll keep those pieces for a future post ;)

A few favorites from the Fall/Winter collection-

Check out the rest HERE! And while your at it, I'd suggest ogling her Instagram account too :)

This post was NOT sponsored by Stella Jean ;) ;) ;)


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