Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'm back... with the NANAWAX Pop-Up in Dakar!

Why, hello there! Is this thing still on?! Its been too long. I've been formulating various blog posts to break the unexciting radio silence (life has just been busy, as it can be!). But rather than hem and haw, let's just dive into some recent Dakar happenings!

Last weekend, Megan and I (and some friends) attended a pop-up event for NANAWAX, a wax-infused clothing and accessory brand by Beninois designer Maureen. Maureen founded Nanawax a year and a half ago and sells regularly in Paris and Ivory Coast. In speaking with the designer, this event marked Nanawax's first trip to Dakar, showcasing the brand's vibrant clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories.

And the Senegalese fashionistas came in droves! I snatched up some photos of the crowds, taken by photographer Stéphan Tourné and posted on the facebook page, because, WOW, the outfits were impressive. As for the Nanawax goods on display, I especially loved the more surprising pieces: wax print bikinis, sneakers, loafers, and backpacks. Megan and a good friend Becky treated themselves to shoulder bags (my usual weakness), but I intend to save up for a backpack in the future ;)

Be sure to check out Nanawax on Facebook and Etsy! If you happen to live in Paris, I definitely recommend stopping by the upcoming private sale on December 7... even if just to take in the plethora of patterns, colors, and stylish attendees!

Happy Wednesday... it's good to be back on the blog :)


And some additional crowd shots from Stéphane Tourné, because dayummmm:

^That beaded necklace.... I swoon!

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